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23 year old still living at home

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What is the name of your state? FL

Well, here is my tale of woe...

My unmarried 23 year old daughter still lives at home. I would love to kick her out her beeeeehind because she is a pig, she doesn't lift a finger to help around the house and is behind on her rent by $2000.00 even though it is only $75.00 a week. She shows me no respect and is obviously very ungrateful for what my husband and I have been put through because of her. Why don't I kick her out you ask? Because of her two children. Not only is she a terrible daughter she is a worse mother. She spends maybe an hour a day with those kids. My husband and I raise them. There have been times when we packed our bags and took off to the beach for the weekend and never even heard from her asking where her kids were. She is too busy sleeping all day. (she works at night) I couldn't live with myself if I were to kick her out knowing that my beloved grandchildren would be sitting in front of the TV all day while having to scroung around the kitchen cabinets looking for something to eat.

My first thought is to go ahead and kick her out and then one morning do a surprise visit and if I find what I think I will find then turn her in for child neglect. But, with this state's Department For Children and Familes' record I don't dare! Almost every week you hear on the news of another child being harmed in some way while in their care. There is no way I would let these people get their hands on my grandbabies.

I have offered to keep the kids for her while she goes out and gets her life together but, she says she won't do that because she is afraid I won't give them back. I assured her that I have no interest in raising any more kids(even though I already am). I don't know where she gets the idea that I would lie to her. I never have before. Ok...yes, I have, I forgot, when she was a little girl I did actually tell her that there was a Santa Claus...My bad. </rolling my eyes> But in my defense, I have since retracted that untruth.

I need to know what kind of legal recourse I can take to get this situation resolved. I really don't want to have to involve the state but, I am open for almost any suggestion at this point. I am tired of being used by this parasite as her breakfast, lunch and dinner but, at the same time I can't have my grandbabies have to pay the price.

By the way, in case anyone is wondering...my daughter's behavior is totally the opposite of the example I set for her and the values that I tried to instill into her. As we say down here in the south, "She wun't brung up thatta' way."

Thank you so much in advance of any help you may offer. My only other option for straight up answers is to go on the Oprah show when Dr. Phil is on but, I already know what he would yell at me with his heavy Texas accent, "Yer' a doormat 'cuz ya' wanna' be a doormat! You've got "Welcome" written all over your forehead!"


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My response:

There is no "legal recourse" for you.

However, this says a lot about your own parenting skills. I wouldn't want you raising the grandchildren - - you're bound to repeat the same virtues you instilled in your own daughter.

Thanks for raising a PIG, and a SLUT BABY-MAKER for the rest of the country.

Obviously, you live in a trailer. Oh yeah, I really want YOU raising the grandchildren. From your description of the situation, I'd be the first to call CPS and grab those kids away from all of you. Let me guess, the kids have different fathers - - correct?

What a dysfunctional idiot.

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Homeguru, do you think the the kids play with a "charlie in the box" in this land of the misfit....

ah forget it, I ruined the joke

Have a holly jolly x-mas!

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