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? about college and law shcool- IAAL ?

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What is the name of your state?NC

Ok sorry to post this here but the attorneys around here want me to come in and charge me a consultation fee just to ask a few simple questions. Gee, go figure. *LOL*

IAAL, I was hoping maybe you could help or someone else with this knowledge because this has really been on my mind.

Ok as you know, I want to go to law school. Currently I'm in a Community College and will probably transfer to a 4 yr school next fall. I will probably go to ECU and then after I graduate, apply to Campbell University (law school) if I'm still in the area.

I realize that I can take pretty much anything before I go to law school. One question I have however, is, in the event I don't become an attorney for some reason (i.e. funds, failing the bar or lsat) I need to fall back on something. I was thinking of being a paralegal as an alternative. Is there something I should take (minor in) to be able to increase my chances of that? Would Political Science, Business Administration or Crimal Justice be good degree choices for that? I mean, is there a particular degree that would get me hired or that attorneys look for when they hire a paralegal? They don't offer a BA in Paralegal here so I was just wondering.

My second question is, are there any study materials at the book store I can pick up when I'm ready to take the LSAT and Bar Exam? I know it's a long time away but I was just wondering.

Third question, do you have any other tips on applying to law school, getting through law school and preparing for the exams?

If you can think of anything else I need to know about to help prepare me that would be great.

Any information you or anyone else can give me would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Grace...I am in Mass. and here they have a certificate program for paralegals and an associate program at the community college. I hope this helps...


just me..........


I too attend a community college out here in NJ and they have a paralegal program. I am currently majoring in Criminal Justice, and I have the same thoughts as you. Always wondering where exactly I can go with it once I have my four year degree. I just heard that the FBI is looking for minorities....lol....anyways, I am sure that you have already inquired about any such programs in your local community college, however, maybe another community college in your area may offer it. Good Luck!


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Hey you guys. Thanks alot for your responses.

They do offer an Associates Degree here for Paralegals but it's a technical program so therefore it won't transfer to a 4 year school. That would kind of defeat the purpose of me getting a BA so I can apply to law school. I'd be stuck with just an Associates degree and wouldn't be able to transfer. So I'm currently taking Liberal Arts because as you know, that's all your basic courses that will transfer to a 4 yr school so you can finish up and get your BA.

Thanks again though.


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Well technically you can take a 2 year course. But, you won't get the same pay as someone with a 4 year. I see ads requiring a 4 yr degree but they don't say in what. I don't see how they can mean a 4 yr degree in a paralegal program because they don't offer a 4 yr degree as a paralegal. That's what made me curious. I want to be able to take something that will help me get hired as one in the event I don't get into law school or pass or something.



I am currently in school...nothing as ambitious as you...so my hats off to you looking at the years of law school. Four years of school as a single mom has killed me and I so look forward to spending my nights with the kids instead of my textbooks.

I have found that the career counselors, and professors are great sources of information. You said you wanted to transfer to another school. I would suggest you go in and talk to the career counselors of the college you plan on transferring to. Pre-law will be nothing to them so they will be able to guide you well. They have seen what tracks work and what tracks don't work for their school. That is key. The school may have a stronger Criminal Justice program than they do Business Administration. You want to pick a track that the school you are transferring to has known strengths for, so that when applying to law school it is more recognized. Also, although it may not matter what you major in prior to law school, you want to pick a major that is tough enough that it prepares you for law school. Thus those from the school you plan on transferring to at this point are your greatest asset.

Hope this helps...

Hats off to ya...GO FOR IT!


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Thanks for the encouragement and support. I'm going to need all the prayers I can get because it's not going to be easy.

I did happen to communicate with a few counselors but they weren't much help. They don't have Pre-Law at the school I'm going to go to. :( One thing I did learn thanks to one lawyer was to get the highest possible score on the LSAT. I told a friend of mine that and she did and got a scholarship to a school. They look at grades next, then what you took. So that bit of info helped alot. But also what you said helped too. Actually ECU is most recognized for Medicine. They have a School of Medicine there. (From past experience I would not recommend anyone ever going there though.) Next to that, I'm not sure. But I'll try to check on that.

Thanks again.


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Damn IAAL. Don't you love me anymore? I hope I didn't do anything to piss you off. I still love you. I'll be your minion. You know I want to be like you. That's why I'm asking your opinion. I'm taking lessons.

Ok, look, if you don't answer, I won't wash your car and press my soapy you know what against the window like you asked.


Law Sc hool

Hi Grace,

I am hooked on this forum and feel like I know everyone personally even though I don't post much myself. I just wanted to help if possible. I went to college in Indiana and recd a BS in Legal Administration. it is a four year program that is a little more intesive then a paralegal program. I was informed by my college counselor that it would also be good prep for Law School. I never made it to Law School ( still kicking myself for that one) but it has opened several doors for me. It seems that a lot of professions deal with legal issues and I have found my degree to be an asset in every job I have held. I still may go to law school, once my kids are grown. I have worked in the banking industry, and health field and have found it very helpful. I now work in the Insurance field and cannot say how often I use what I learned with my degree, every day. I wish you luck and keep at it. Also, when I graduated from College, I applied for several positions as a paralegal. I was making more as a bank teller then I was going to make as a paralegal. It is a catch 22 situation. They pay well if you have experience but until then, you get paid squat. May want to think about that also. Good Luck!!!!!!!!


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Thanks for your response. I really appreciate it.

Unfortunately the college closest to me has nothing to take regarding law at all. The closest you can take is Criminal Justice or Political Science.

I always thought paralegal with a BA got paid more than people with an Associates. I think they start out at what..between 25 and 30k a year? Yeah, I hear people around here say, oh yeah, I know someone who's a paralegal and they make really good money. I'm thinking... good money as opposed to what? Minimum wage? Well definitely better than most people around here want to pay. You're lucky to find a job paying $7 or $8 an hour around here..damn lucky.

Anyhoo, I'll give that some thought too. Thanks again!

AAAAAHHHHH what to do?

Guess IAAL don't love me no more. :( *sniff sniff*

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