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about obtaining a future trust and implications

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Junior Member
the story is this I have a trust with my name on it but it is combined with my sister and i also have relatives involved but they are not on the trust. there is a lot at stake here and even relatives feel they are owed something in this and i get a feeling they are up to something. my sister is up to something as well. she and the relatives actually seem to be very friendliy with each other and have combined interests but its hidden unless you are perceptive. the problem is my sister has this attitude of being a doctor and i am not. *so i feel at a slight disadvantage. i have met her friends who one happens to be an attorney and well i don't think we will get along and so i worry about things such as that as well. looks like she is buidling her arsenal of help. i also don't have a great work history etc so it just seems to add up this picture that i am total loser but the point is what can i do to assure i get my fair share as constructed by the power of attorney. *i mean in a legal situation things can get ugly due to money matters. i am financially at a negative position compared to the earning of a doctor (Sister) who easily has backing and support because her husband is also a doctor. i worry about whether she is thinking about my interest at all. we were a close knit family only one brother and sister and i was always supportive to her. *you see i come from high acheivers in the family and the fact that she became someone and i didn't has put me at a social disadvantage. most of their cirlces have construed me as a loser in some way even though this can't be taken as such. *well i have not spelt out everything but i am hoping a legal mastermind will be willing to help out here and spill some advice on dealing with the situation. even a strategy would be nice.*
my parents are in california and that is most likely the place where they will die and as a result does that mean that all dealings will have to be done from there? even though the trust was created in the midwest. that is one important detail and will add more. the trust have read and it is pretty much a standard trust*

questions for rigth now:

can the relatives compete somehow for the trust even though they are not on it?
how can someone make life hell for a person who will be receiving a trust. i mean they (sister and husband) could drag out matters couldn't they on a financial level?
any other scenarios anyone can think of that can make this more problematic.*
there are also houses (one of which they are residing) in california that are not in the trust as of yet. do you think it was wise to put them in the trust soon if the parents are nearing death.

what factors can contribute to a problem here anyone anyone???


Senior Member
Where the trust was created generally does not matter.

And, in any event, after reading your post, I have no idea what you are talking about.

I have a trust with my name on it but it is combined with my sister...
"My name on it" means nothing. Are you a beneficiary of this trust? Is your sister a beneficiary? Who is the tustee? And the successor trustee, if there is one?

As best I can tell, this is a trust created by your parents. And they are still alive. And you are trying to invent problems when none actually exist yet. Is that about it?


Senior Member
Your explanation is difficult. Are you suggesting that you are the successor trustee for this trust that your parents have? Are your parents the co-trustees at this time? Are you suggesting that you are the sole beneficiary for the assets listed in the trust?

Yes, your parents assets (house) should be titled in the name of the trust.

Your information was very unclear, so answers given here are only guesses.

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