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Advice for my cousin on welfare? Sis is her dependent at 18

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What is the name of your state? CA

I'm clueless in all things section 8. So here goes. I have an 18-year-old cousin who has a 19-month-old daughter, but her 15-year-old sister is also her legal dependent. Sad that an 18-year-old has custody of her teen sister, but their mom is a junkie 7 mo. pregnant and threatening to throw the baby in the garbage if no one in the family agrees to take it. Anyway. Alicia has section 8 because she just can't afford to house a baby and teenager on her miserly, minimum wage salary (shouldn't have gotten pregnant to begin with, I know, but she did.) She had to quit school when she got custody of her sister.

Alicia's on a tearly lease in an apartment building, where she has been on her own living since 16. The lease is September 1 to August 31. But this time around the landlord isn't allowing section 8 and just made the announcement. He has told her that, unless she pays in full herself, she has to move, regardless of the fact that section 8 is guaranteed funds for the LL. I can understand denying NEW tenents in section 8, but can he actually force her out after 2 years of tenency, of which the whole time was section 8? With feeding and clothing three people on her own, she won't be able to move her belongings on this notice since she couldn't afford it, and doesn't want to leave the only stable place she's ever known (her mom moved so often befoe losing custody of the girls that they only had the clothes on their backs to make "moving" easier, and the longest place she ever stayed was less than 6 months, so this apartment is home to Alicia). She takes really good care of the place, and the only reason she's being kicked out is the section 8. Any advice for her? I'd have them all move in with me temporarily, but is she stops section 8 for even a month, they said they won't let her back on.

I really want to help her. Please help me help her. She is trying to hard to keep her life on the good track she got it on.



I'm sorry to hear about your cousin's situation. I know how that is as I used to have a Section 8 voucher and was in an apartment for 7 years when the LL decided he didn't want Section 8 anymore. There was nothing I could do but move to another Section 8 apartment. I don't know the laws in CA, but doesn't the LL have to give her at least 30 days notice? Check with the Housing Authority to see if she will lose her Section 8 if she pays the full rent (just to buy time to find a new place) or ask the Housing Authority to help her find a new Section 8 apartment. Is there Legal Aid Services in CA? Have her find a lawyer fast. I know LL's are not obligated to accept Section 8 and can refuse at anytime, but this may be an issue of proper notice. Good luck to you and your family.


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I had participated in S 8 rental program Just like any other lease one option for the landlord is to not renew the lease so as long as her landlord has sent her notice according to local state law with suffient time before the end of the lease the S 8 tenant will have to abide by it . Unless things changed since the time I participated in the program section 8 lease agreements are for whole year so If this persons lease was to have expired at the end of august for example and the LL has issued notice that lease wont be renewed Then it is time to start hunting for a new place .

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>>>He has told her that, unless she pays in full herself, she has to move, regardless of the fact that section 8 is guaranteed funds for the LL.<<<

"told" her??? Nope. Written most likely and she should seek out her section 8 counselor for help.

I commend her for taking on the added responsibility and financial burden of becoming her sister's guardian. I hope they have other family, friends, and/or place of worship to possibly assist financially.

FYI, not to include your cousin so do not take me wrong but one very important reason a landlord will stop accepting Section 8 is because it's more difficult to get rid of troublesome people.
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Charlotte If your family member can try to negotiate with the landlord to accept one more yr of the program If she has done any thing at all to damage the unit or cause excessive wear and tear she will have to beg to be allowed to be given a chance to become a model tenant . You know what that entails . charlotte I refused to renew a S 8 lease because of the damage that was ongoing and constant extra bodys I was finding ( visiting ) until it was admitted the extras were living there . I am not sure how much the S 8 program has changed by now but at the time I think the diff on the rent was only 40 $ from market rents in my area , so sit your relative down and talk with her to see if she can try to negotiate one more year . if not and she has no luck then start contacting church or other programs to see if they have housing programs they run also Of course one other option is to post ads in church bulletins saying that housing is being sought perhaps that can generate some leads .

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