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Alone and depressed,..................

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North Carolina, Florida involved:mad:

2.5 five years ago I finally met the girl of my dreams, however I was living in North Carolina (17yrs.) and she was new the the area from Fla. with her (@ that time) five year old son. His dad is from England however now resides in Fla.

At the time we had talked about her son and the fact that she was from Fla., and I had been hurt before by women from other states and having children which I do not get to see. She told me that she was meeting her son's dad every three weeks in Savannah (halfway from Orlando) so their son would be with him 3 and her 3 in NC, however when the child was to start school he told her he would relocate to NC to be near the child.

When the time came the father decided to sue for custody and try to make her move to Fla. which she nor the child, and I didn't want to do. I do have one child here and also my family is here.

In mediation she was advised by her lawyer and the mediator that the best thing for her to do was to agree to his terms and then move to the Orlando area.

The terms her lawyer talked her into agreeing to where to say the least ........ well you decide ( I feel as though I could have done a better job and I dropped out of high school)

This was signed in Jan of 2003. The child had already started Kindergarden in NC.

She would move back to Seminole Co. Fla. By the start of the child's 1st school day of his 1st grade year (aug. 2003), providing he: pay her $2,000.00 a month for the first three months + child support. At the time of the agreement the support was calculated at $635.?, however since she was no longer going to be meeting him in Sav. and he had to travel to see the child they gave him a credit of $200.00 until such time of her Arrival. And the papers state then to be recalculated.

She quit her job(unemployement benefits?), moved and paid the cost and all expenses, he paid her the first month $2400.00, the secound month $2,400.00, she ask him about the addtional monies as he was no longer travelimg and he replied that he spent all his money and maxed out all his credit cards to start buying and selling stocks on ebay and is broke. He has no money. This month he gave her $500.00 and told her he is bankrupt and she would just have to deal with it.He has quit his job, she has a one year lease in a very expensive part of Fla. and no job and NO money. I am in NC and have been placed on Meds for the condition this has left me in and I am going in for a lumbar fusion in 4 days from now. I want to marry this women, however our life should be here in NC. and the child (now 7yrs) wants this also.

We have NO MONEY, she will be getting evicted soon, they have one place to go and that is here where I am, NC. She has custody.

What can we do?????????

If I go down there with the 38, then we/I would be able to get legal aid??????????;)
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Atta boy, the lawyer made her do it! I rather suspect it was greed.

It is not going down with a 38 that will entitled you to court appointed attorney but the use or the threat to use the it which will get you an attorney on the criminal charges.

Now on to a bitter truth that you won't like and sure as hell don't want to hear. Do not blame the lawyer or mediator for a terrible bargain that both these people struck because both believed that by paying this ridiculous sum, it would get them what they wanted. He'd have had to be a millionaire to pay this amount up and, in fact, I'm truly surprised that it lasted two months. She being both scared that she would lose custody (which she wouldn't have and I'm sure was told so) decided to capitalize on his fear that she wouldn't be made to return (which would not have happened and I'm sure that he was told that.)

You need to get yourself, mentally, emotionally and physically together before you get into another relationship. Incidentally, there is not a person alive or dead who lived to adulthood who has not been hurt in a relationship. It is a part of the package of life. You have emotional problems and the "girl of your dreams" will not fix this. Therapy can, if you are willing to do some work. Without the work, even if you two were to marry, I wouldn't give the marriage lasting to the second anniversary.


I agree with BCB, no one twisted her arm to agree with this, she was already established in NC with custody. If her lawyer told her this was the only way to keep custody, then there is more to the story than you're telling.....if not, then she should have consulted another attorney

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