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another county mean another lawyer???

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his wife left an email yesterday ("glad you're happy,the kids are fine,we are moving away...etc.."),we copied off the email plus all of his replys he sent (she never answered),she has our number,told her to call collect,instead she calls his sister collect last night.she is now 5 hours N.E. of where she was living (8 hours from us),and she told his sister she is doing it on purpose so he can't find her and the kids.she also says she is going to kill me (i know people say that all the time,but i think she will really try!!!!)do we need a lawyer in her county now or does it matter since her moving crusade is not over yet??? she is only 70 miles from the illinoise state line and she says he will never find her and the kids.lawyer is out of town for 3 weeks and we need some advice quick!!can we get an emergency order of stay so she can't live the state until the court decides and if so do we need a lawyers help or can we present it in court and tell the situation without a lawyer?she would only tell his sister the town they are in,no number or address,but she says she is planning to move before school starts!!!do we have any chance at all of winning this custody battle with what she is doing,she's avoiding contact,moving so he can't find them and telling the kids that daddy does not love them anymore.she is making the kids call her new boyfriend "daddy".they are 8,5 and 2,what kind of effect is this having on children that young? anyone know?anyone got some good advice???she has been doing this since she left,everytime he finds out where she is,she packs up and leaves that day!so far we have 8 different addresses this year in the same town.any suggestions????



just found out that she is moving to illinoise in a couple weeks.is there anything we can do so she can't leave state? he basically broke down tonight cause he is afraid he will never see the kids again.i feel so helpless and no one around this area wants to help him it seems.we rented a bigger house in the same neighborhood cause he was hoping he would have visistation rights soon,one stipulation though......i have to move out of the house cause we are not married and it will be to hard for the kids to adjust with me there.its fine though,anything for his kids.if anyone has any advice please let me know,we really need to find out if anything can be done before she leaves state.


Have you contacted your attorney's office? If he is out of town for 3 weeks, he must have someone handling his clients while he is gone. If not, get another attorney ASAP and have them file with the court to stop her from leaving the state immediately.

If your boyfriend is going to "cry about it" instead of act on it, he's going to lose his kids. Give him a boot in the butt and get him moving! If what you've said about this woman is true, even a court order to keep her from moving out of the state isn't likely to stop her, but you will have greater legal recourse if she tries it. Be prepared to "babysit" her until the custody/visitation hearing, if possible. With a court order to keep her in the state, you may be able to get local law enforcement to intervene, should she try to leave.

Good Luck!


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Get another attorney and have him file in the original court. If she is not letting him know where the children are, then obviously the court ordered visitation is not being met. If the father acts now, then he may be one or two steps away from physical custody of the children.


he stayed home from work today and called every lawyer we had numbers for,they never called back,we can get a tro (temp. restraining order) so she can't leave state,but we need a lawyer to do that for us is what they said.she is almost 8 hours from us so we can't babysit her,we know she has a trailor house up there and is settled for now,but says she is moving to illinois before school starts.we also found out that her new man is beating the youngest son cause he has behavior problems (the mother is his problem).

he has been on the phone most the day and the other half of the day waiting for lawyers to call back,then he'd call back and they say it will be tomorrow before they can talk to him about it.we are having a really hard time finding a lawyer ,they either won't take it or they want $2000-$3000 before they will take it.there is no one at our lawyers office.
also,he called thier school and they said he needs a lawyer to get a copy of his kids records.i thought that he was entitled to see the kids records but not according to them.
legalbeagle,there are no court orders they are still married,but she admitted that she is moving and will keep moving so he can't find the kids.
we know she will be gone as soon as she gets the papers,no doubt in our mind!!she is only about 30 miles,we found out, from illinois line.

oh she is.....she is not all there,she is threatening to kill me now and her boyfriend is going to kill the kids' dad! all the lawyers we have talked to says he has an excellent chance at getting custody just cause she will not stay in one spot and she will not contact him when she has our number and he sent her 4 emails already that she has not replied to.she called his parents and his sister the day she moved up there but no word to us.
thanks for the help.

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