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Any advice?

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katinmaine said:
You know...Hanging the Adultress went out in the 1800's, but it sure does sound like some of you folks are hanging her.

Poor Woman.

My advice to you is, If hes going to play dirty Its time You started to Dig up some Dirt TOO!!! I had one of those kind of Ex'es, He played Dirty so I played Dirty. They dont like it when the shoes on the other foot. And they like to air your dirty laundry, but dont like theirs aired. Lets just say my ex doesnt even bother to come see his kids since he lost. It was a vindictive thing he was doing and that was it.

I hope Everything Works out for you in the End and I wish You All The Luck In The World.
No one is hanging anyone, OP is being explained how her actions have serious consequences legally. Thank God some people are telling her the truth instead of sugarcoating and telling her what she WANTS to hear.
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LdiJ said:
I don't understand your reaction or some of the other's here. They legally separated with the obvious intent to divorce after the 1 year separation. Dad could have challenged her taking the children to TX in the first place and didn't. He agreed legally to her having custody and moving.

While its totally understandable that dad would react badly to her hooking up with an old friend and ending up pregant, I simply can't view this as "cheating" in any real sense. Foolish because its causing her problems, foolish because it allows for a "fault" divorce but not cheating.

While I don't think that anyone here is deliberately giving inaccurate advice, I really hope this isn't one of those cases where the advice is getting skewed to a worst case scenario because the posters have decided that mom is unsympathetic. Its happened here in the past and I don't think its fair.

At this point my advice to the OP is to retain an NY attorney, and be guided by the attorney.
So far the OP has only given us HER interpretation of a "vague" agreement signed in HIS lawyers office, which may or may not actually mean what SHE thinks it does and may or may not even be legally binding.

As far as the new boyfriend and the pregnancy, any time a person will be dealing with LEGAL issues in court, they should not participate in any activity that could even REMOTELY be viewed as inappropriate. If they do get involved in anything that could be seen as inappropriate, they should be very discreet about it. The OP has done neither.


GrowUp! said:
Umm...who's the one making the ASSumption here? :rolleyes: Also, I noticed that the OP stated they "settled out of court", so I am even wondering if a Judge's signature is even on this "legal separation". I am sure the separation is signed by a Judge, but looking at the responses of the OP and how they both were agreeing to it as if they were "single and unmarried"...one has to ask if there is a Judge's signature. If this thought was expressed to their attorneys, I would *think* one of the attorney's would say "umm, what you want to file for is 'divorce' (assuming their attorneys are worth their salt).

Stop watching Spring prior to posting. Look at who's making ASSumptions here. It's irrelevant anyway. You can't get better proof of adultery than being impregnated by another dude.

Practice what you preach.

OMG...to quote Snoop Dogg: "so much drama in the LBC..." :rolleyes:

Umm...you don't seem to get it. THEY ARE STILL LEGALLY MARRIED!!!! You do know what that means when a child is born in a marriage, regardless if it's from an affair or not, right?
Oh grow up. You live in a country where gay marriage is legal in some states, where murderers get off even when the facts are conclusive, where celebrity buys rights and good mothers and fathers are victimized by a system that needs to be overhauled in many states. Yada yada, yeah, I'm stupid, I'm trash, I must be because I'm arguing a point you don't agree with.
We do not live in a county where there is a rush to judgement. We do not live in country where women are ostrisized because of the choices they make. We do not live in a country where final judgements are made via opinion only. If we did, the whole of Hollywood, the sports communities and other celebrity venues would be in jail due to the very thing you state here. If the OP was Brittany Spears it'd be ok wouldnt it?

Go ahead call me an idiot if it makes you feel good, the fact of the matter is that Judges take the events into consideration and it is there job to interpret the events and intent and make a judgement based on that.
So, go ahead, call us all low life, terrible women/men. God strike me dead, I'm compassionate.
By the way, at what point have I preached anything beyond be fair.
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