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auto warranty is a no show- what can I do?

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What is the name of your state? Indiana
Let me first say that I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right place. I'm going to try to tell this throughly. I purchased a used car in July. From a big dealership in my area. It was a previously leased 2002 Pontiac. While signing the papers I was honestly overwhelmed. This is no excuse just fact. But I purchased an extended warranty I didn't really want. But after it was said and done I just thought it was a lesson learned. The warranty was 2,200.00. This was to be processed through a national warranty company not the dealership. It was financed in with my car. I was sopposed to recieve papers, confirmation and details of the warranty in the mail in two weeks. To make a long story short after a phone call a month and several e-mails I still have no proof of a warranty. I have never heard back from the company. And each phone call I have been assured that they have sent this out and its getting lost in the mail. But the fishy part to me is they promise to send out replacement papers and I'll "recieve them in about 30 days". Who's mail takes 30 days to be delivered? My question is can I get out of this warranty? I would be willing to pay a penalty if there is one. But if a company can't get me the paperwork why should I trust them to take care of my car? Is there anyway I can have all or a portion of they 2,200.00 taken off my principal at the bank. Because as far as I'm concerned I have no warranty.


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I didn't even have to read the full content of your post to see the obvious error.... "after a phone call a month and several e-mails".

Send the warranty company a letter (certified RRR) detailing the policy that you purchased (include a copy of the contract showing purchase) and demand that they send you the appropriate warranty documents within 5 business days of receipt. Include that if they don't, you will consider their offer of warranty void due to THEIR breach and request a full refund of all moneys paid to them. Include a copy to your dealer and the finance company.

After you send that letter and either the allowed time for a response has expired or you get a response, come back here and we will start step #2.


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The dealer is gambling that you will never have to file a claim on the warranty. If you don't, they pocket the money. If you do, they claim the problem is yours, not theirs. Here is what you need to do:

1. Contact the warranty insurer and get proof that they do not have a policy for you.

2. With this proof, send a copy to the dealer and give them the 14 days that you were given in the original contract. Tell them if they don't, you will sue them in court. Give them the option of returning your money or buying the policy. If you truly do not want the insurance, tell them you would prefer the return of YOUR money.

3. If you don't here from them in 14 days, sue them on the 15th.

A scam they may try to pull is telling you the money has been credited to your loan balance. Of course the creditor will have no record of it. If you can't get really mean with them, I would suggest contacting a local attorney. Attorney fees are recoverable in court, you may find one that will work on a contigency basis.


The problem is that the warranty company says that I do have a policy when I call them. They just keep claiming that the documents keep getting lost in the mail. (in that 30 Days that they say it takes to recieve them). They tell me I have a warranty but I see no proof that I have one. If they can't send me papers in 5 months why would I ever trust that they would provide money for any claims.

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