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In the state of Alabama what are the odds of getting a judge disbarred when he gives only one side everything and even goes against his own orders and won't let the opposing side show evidence and ends up with the criminal case of theother person that another judge was given prior to this. this judge also awarded the one side money without evidence to back up that anything belonged to this person, while the other side could prove that it wasn't his but wasn't allowed to show it. he gave that side emergency hearing in just a few days and the other side all were at least 6 weeks but one. the judges secretary also called up the other sides attorney and said she could loose her daughter if she didn't give her to the father when he was the one that didn't show up to get her and that was proved. i could probably keep on going as to the stuff this judge has done that was more than just a bad decision but you don't have time.

i need to know the right people.




bad judge

well the us constitution allows for all parties to be given an equal oppourtunity to present their sides,with arguement,within the judicial rules that are allowed under each case,if you feel that the judge had based his ruling on anything that is inconsistant from any law of the state of alabama,or any federal laws,or any us.constitutional law,then you can file an appeal,to your district court of appeals,they would then reveiw the case,and if they find that there is substantial evidence that the judges ruling were ex-parte{one side only}they may ask the judge to clarify his rulings,on what grounds,that he based his ruling on,if the district court of appeals finds that he had no such support,the court then may either overule the previouse courts ruling,or may simply ask them to clarify the reasons,or they may except the appeal and therefore will be subject to the juristiction of a higher court.then if they do overule the previous ruling they will enter that the trial court errd in its original ruling.a judge is not protected fully,if they are found that they have numerously deprived its citizans of certain rights under the us.constitution,they can be taken from their bench,by the legislative powers of that state,and the judge may either be prohibited for a certain amount of time,or indefinantly,plus any fines that is issued by the legislative powers,but it will be based upon the findings of the higher court,and any negotiations that if the judge were found to have errd numerously in cases simular,they may by agreement to have the remedies available by the state,and the judge,or each parties attorneys.the us.supreme court has ascerted that certain rights of the people cannot be infringed upon,no matter what the reasons are.therefore,if you feel that you have a strong case to have it overturned based on facts you may do so.but it will be the petitioner of whom will have the burden to prove their causes.i am not an attorney,please advise one in your area.good-luck,friends.

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If I remember correctly, there are now laws in Alabama concerning donations to campaigns... Technically, the other lawyer could argue for two minutes and then write a check out to the judge's re-election campaign and hand it to him up on the bench.

Of course, that's all hear-say and I could be wrong... Anyone else hear such things?

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