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My friend and I really don't know what to do. Last night we were sitting in my car outside a nightclub we had gone to, eating some food, when 3 officers came upon us and immediately became confontational. We were calm and did not offend them, when one of the officers suddenly says "I hate little rich kids like you guys who have their parents to buy you everything." They then proceeded to pull us out of the car and beat us up one at a time. While they beat up my friend I quicky snapped a few pictures on my camera without them noticing thinking it would help us later. After they had finished battering us they wrote us a ticket for public drunkeness (which we were not, we weren't even tested!!!)and took us to the station holding cell with no explanation. I politely asked for a lawyer several times, but was refused. The guard at the cell refused to write what had happened to us in the book as well. The cover up had begun. We were held all night (for 16 hours) and then released as if nothing had happened. We have looked ourselves over for bruises, but they were carful not to leave any. We were mainly choked and so forth. We are both going to the doctor as a precaution, even though we have no discernable marks that we can see. My neck does hurt quite sharply though. My camera had been in the trunk and when I opened it, it was obvious they had gone through my car while we were locked up. The film had been torn from my camera with the roll not completed and my camera displays an error message because of it.
I have the officer's badge numbers, but everyone is covering everyone else's asses. What can/should we do? They seemingly arrested, ticketed, searched and confined us for no reason and wouldn't let us get a lawyer! How will they justify this and what can we do to combat it? It is very sad how a few asshole officers like this ruin the reputation of their force. We cannot let them get away with it. Any suggestions would be a sincerely appreciated.



I don't doubt that did happen. Cops are like people- you got the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. I say go file a complaint with the department they represent. Then file a complaint with the Department of Justice. I forget what department it is that might be able to handle it. That means calling the Washington DC DOJ office. Then file a complaint with the city mayor. Notify the media. Write up your story as best as you can, in a one page summary and get as many copies as you can. Pass those out as flyers. In the story include the officers names and badges numbers. Be precise with setails, if at all possible. And then get a lawyer. Don't worry about slander/libel charges in regards to the flyers. If what you're saying is true, then the charges are groundless. Depending on what state you're in tells what happens next. BTW, check out www.copcrimes.com and www.policeabuse.com as they can also help. You also state that you were in front of a club. Look for witnesses. In some cases clubs have video security cameras in front of their establishement. Check on this. If the club has one, the event might be on it.

I ain't a lawyer. I ain't a copper. I'm a true blue American that believes in Freedom for all. Provided they ain't criminals.

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