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Birkman Test

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New York

My employer wants to administer Birkman personality tests to several of us at work. We've all worked there for about a year or less but longer than six months.
My question is this: Can the results of the test be used against us or as a reason for termination? Is that legal?:confused:


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I'm not familiar with that particular test but I am with many others (and have taken quite a few myself.) The purpose of these types of tests is typically to asses the "personality makeup" of a work team and use them for educational/training purposes with the group. Tests can also be used to help assess who has the managerial talents for promotion possibilities. If done well, the experience should be be interesting and can even be fun.

Have you ASKED your employer why they are administering this test?

I suppose they could use test results to terminate people (can't think of any law that would prevent that) but it sure strikes me as unlikely. If they wanted to fire someone, they certainly don't need a test to do that.


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My response:

TOP 10 purposes for the Birkman Test - -

NUMBER 10: Asks you to name the fat senator from Massachusetts with the drinking problem.

NUMBER 9: To determine if, somehow, you're not so embarrassed about your own father.

NUMBER 8: Asks if you have ever had strangers in the men's room help you apply your Ben Gay.

NUMBER 7: It's 3 miles underground and your employer gets to test new medicine on you.

NUMBER 6: To see if you test positive for intelligence.

NUMBER 5: The Arkansas version tries to determine if there is any sign of raw squirrel meat in your mouth.

NUMBER 4: One question asks you to describe yourself in one word, and you say, "bigot".

NUMBER 3: Asks you to describe your "talents" and you exclaim, "My name is Monica and my talent is . . . well here, I'll show you."

NUMBER 2: Halfway through, it casually asks the true or false question, "It's okay if you're a man, right?"

AND THE NUMBER ONE purpose for the Birkman Test - -

To determine why your answers to the test includes the word "sucks" 64 times.

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Who is Birkman, and why is the test named after him anyway?


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Re: who?

ahutchGA said:
"Who is Birkman, and why is the test named after him anyway?"


My response:

The Birkman test, named for our writer's boss, Ishmael Birkman, determines his employee's aptitude for brewing beer and making Swedish Meatballs.



Found the following info on this website: http://www.fastcompany.com/online/32/testing.html

The Birkman test not only probes for hard skills but also evaluates your interests, your motivations, and how you respond to everyday pressures. You walk away with a color-coded guide to your interests and your style of behavior.

Free; about 20 minutes to take.

The site also retrieves a list of jobs that might be right for someone who has your interests and style.

I think the key word in the above is "FREE". Several years ago, I took a similar test... accepted a job based on the results and spent 10 horrible months doing something I hated.

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