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Breaking Lease

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What is the name of your state? MA
I am 6 months into my one year lease in MA, I have just found out that a suspected child molester will be moving into the apartment just above mine. There is also a childcare center right next door to us(my 6 year old and I). I don't want to put my son in any kind of risk, no I don't let him outside by himself, I don't leave him alone, but just the fact that this man will be living upstairs from us is already causing me emotional stress. My landlord doesn't see a problem with any of this. Can I get out of my lease, legally without having to pay out my nose because of this new tenant?


Senior Member
Sorry, but I don't believe that your potential neighbor justifies waiving or voiding your lease.
Legally, he has served his time and is presumed to be 'rehabilitated'.


What do you mean by "suspected" child molester. How you got to suspect him, did serve his term?

Did you consult with the child care center next door to see what they know about what to do in this situation? If the center is a trusted place, they should know virtually everything you could or you sould do in this case. Place a call to the Justice Department in MA and see if they could tell anything about what is your best legal recourse, if any.

At any rate, if there is no law in MA that prevents landlord from renting a suspect, I don't think there is much you can do about terminating your lease other than negotiating with landlord. Try to make him understand your concerns. Perhaps you could move and you pay the rent until the apartment is leased again.


The reason I say suspected is, the other day I was questioned by the police because the man was in the apartment fixing it up and he was lurking at the children in the playground at the center. They wanted to know if I saw anything. From what the police said, this man has been accused of molestion in the past but with no conviction. The childcare center are the ones that reported this to the police and they are trying to prevent this man from moving in also but like me not sure how. The center also rents the building from my landlord. I feel so stuck in this whole thing. Since this man didn't touch the kids at the center, just lurking around the police can't do anything, not until he does something. I know that I can't sit around and wait to see if he really does something more.
Thank you for your replies, hopefully I can find something, anything to stop this from happening, I am a single mother and can't afford to pay rent in two apartments.


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Stacy Even if you successfully negotiated a early cancelation of lease . Then got all settled and happily situated in another place . The next time the new neighbor could be a methlab or Crack Cooker Or dealer , you will not be able to keep moving everytime you think something places you at a risk . Instead Use your eyes watch pay attn , and 6 yrs old is quite old enough to do the inapropriate touch talk, You can keep it simple and make it ok to be told when or if anything happens by any one not just the new nbr . and by all means Join comunity watch groups and go to any neighborhood safety progs .


sex offenders and other bad people

Stacy, have you ever checked out the "registered sex offender" lists many states now have as public information available on the internet, or elsewhere? It's pretty sobering, if you thought there weren't any near you. Pick a zip code, any zip code. You're going to find one (probably more than one) of these folks living within a couple blocks of you, or your child's school, or your child's best friend's home where she spends the night regularly. And these are just the ones who have been caught and convicted and have registered their address with the state like they're supposed to. And, it only includes sex offenders, not drug dealers or armed robbers or murderers or other bad people. As much as you want to, you are simply not going to keep your child safe by trying to avoid living near a "suspected child molester". FarmerJ is entirely correct. Even before you knew about this guy, you should just have assumed someone dangerous was living in the apartment building, or the next one down the street, and taken appropriate measures to teach and watch out for your kid.

How about trying to set up a meeting with neighborhood watch or other group and your local police? The police are usually happy to do neighborhood outreach type things and can provide pointers on what you can do to help make/keep yourself and your kid safe. The daycare owners might help set something up; sounds like they'd be interested as well.

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