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CA. Self Storage Facilities; Resident Managers Rights

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i am a resident manager for a self storage facility here in petaluma, california. I started one month ago and no contract has yet been signed between my employer and myself. my first question is can my employer/landlord charge rent for the facilities resitential unit. Every add I have seen for this type of job says the living space is included free. Also he put the utilities in my name which includes electric for all the units and the yard light up at night. No seperate meters. He wants $1650.00 rent, and will take $600.00 off for my services.
The second issue is this place was never really maintained.
There was a break in the septic waste line that allowed raw sewage to pour under my bedroom for years. I do not think this was properly dealt with. The well is very close to the septic system and I have a good idea that the septic leech system is not draining properly.
I have no where else to go at the present and not much money saved. I am affraid if I make too many waves he will throw me out so quick I won't know how to deal with it. I must be prepared. any advice?

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Points To Ponder

Hello: Lynn

The answer to your first question is: YES!
You didn't secure a lease agreement excluding rent.

Your first tip off is allowing the landlord to put the utilities into your name...terrible mistake...contact the utilities asap and decline exceptance of responsibility without your expressed permission, which you never authorized. A MUST do item ASAP!

If you think the landlord will deduct $600.00 from each month's rent for utilities, then WHY? would he/she include it in the first place? The intent here is either to stick you for the bill or he/she is hiding something or can't get it directly from the utility company! Something to think about...:)

Answer to the second question:
Correct. If you complain about the facilities NOW, prior to having a signed and well documented lease agreement, start packing up and be prepared to move out ASAP! No lease contract you could be trespassing!

Do not be so gullible. Your about to get a raw deal in several ways besides possibly sickened if the drinking water is contaminated as you suspect.


I DISAGREE..........

THE newspaper ad is a valid argument that the rent WAS included in the JOB agreement... LIVING space, but not utilities.

Or else why would you even THINK of applying for the job Let ALONE agree to TAKE THE JOB, if the rent wasnt included.

Also it is ILLEGAL for the landlord to put the electric in your name and make YOU pay for anything other then YOUR apartment....

NO the Employer advertised the JOB specification PUBLICALLY and I would hold him to it!

I think you should see a lawyer on Monday, and get out of this "job" The landlord probably has stiffed the electric company and needs to put it in someone else name, so if the LL stiffs the electric compnay just think what he will do to you!

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Note To dj1 and Lynn

Hello dj1

Your points on this issue are well taken. However, based soley upon the information provided by Lynn, she never stated she replied to an ad, applied for the position nor excepted the position, based upon an ad by this specific employer.

What Lynn clearly stated was what she has SEEN {Read} in other ads advertising positions {Jobs} like the one she has, where the rent WAS included with the position by other employers for similar or exact positions in like industries.

Therefore, your assumption on this point is suggesting to her to seek legal advice asap is not providing her with accurate information. She may be seeking the advice of an attorney needlessly. A waste of time for both parties, at the least.

I suggest to you to take another moment of your time to reread her exact written words. Unless she misstated the fact of this point, I am incorrect on the point or you misread the stated wording, your advice is incorrect.


Hello Lynn:

Would you kindly clarify this point? Did you apply for the job via an ad placed by this employer or did you assume the the terms would be exactly as others offer for like employment?

Do you have the exact ad placed by this employer and if so, does it clearly state the rent is included????

Doing so would then clear up the issue.



Thanks.....i guess i assumed that she assumed it was included...

Here in NYC an advertisement for a job or apartment is considered evidence of the terms of the agreement.

So if the ad said a residence is included then it is, but NOT necessarilly the utilities.

Just like if you rent and apartment and put in backyard, or parking then the tenant would have reason to sue you and break the lease if you didnt provide it, or if it wasnt mentioned in the lease and you tried to stop them from parking or using the backyard.

But it is illegal to pay for any utilities that is not used by you. something is very fishy here.......

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resident managers rights

No, I attained the position because I was doing construction work through a general contractor that was working for him. He thought that because of my construcion skills and computer skills, I would be perfect for the job.
I needed a place to live as I received a thirty day notice and had only 20 days left. I live with my daughter, age 11, I could not be without shelter and this seemed perfect.

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