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can i get in trouble for tell my story in newspaper

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What is the name of your state?What is the name of your state? missouri
can i get into trouble for sending this to the newspapers and tell my story without saying the kennels name????
February 8, 2005

A Call To All Dog Lover
For all of you out there who love our four legged friends. They can not speak for their-self but we as a whole can speak for them. I’m ask you to stand up and be hear. You have seen and heard the horror stories in the news . Yes, I’m talking about the puppy mills in Missouri. Missouri is the number one puppy mill provider. It is not going to stop unless we stop it. Call, and write to your state representative Joann Emerson the USDA and two of your Senators. Ask that these back woods, rural, backyard breeders be run out of business. Starting with ..Restricting how many dogs they can have. Up the standards of the how they are keep. Make sure their health is keep up with yearly or more often. Stricter record keeping. Stiffer fines and punishment for those caught breaking the laws. Make sure these breeder are checked often and when someone files a report of abuse about animals make sure it’s checked out. Set how many time a female can breed (such as breed twice ,break once). Set a limit at what age she can start breeding and at what age she must stop. All breeders have to give a year health guarantee on puppy. Give a puppy lemon law that states a breeder sells you a defective or sick animal they have to give you your money back and if a breeder breaks these laws make them paid stiffer fines or ban them from breeding altogether. Then lets see then how many stays in business and if they do, maybe they will take better care of their animals. If you know of a puppy mill spread the word ,tell people not to buy from them . Don’t buy from a pet store , where do you think they get there puppies from. And turn someone in if you know they are a puppy mill.
There are some very good breeder that loves the dogs they are breeding. They uphold the standard of wanting to make the breed better and they make sure they are breeding healthy dogs. And they will stand behind the dogs they breed. The puppy mills only care about one thing “money” . Just be very careful when you set out to get that new puppy. Check to make sure who you are buying from is a good breeder. Ask lots of questions . Look around to see how the animals are keep. Check with the vet they use to see if their dogs are in good health. Ask for references of others who have bought from them and check them out. Check out the parents of the puppy you are thinking about buying and how they act around the breeder. If they seem scared of the breeder or look sickly. Run as fast as you can. Listen carefully to what the breeder is saying if you catch them in a lie or your guts telling you something is not quite right. Run as fast as you can. Ask for guarantee that states they will take the puppy back if it is found to be sick and ( be sure to get it in writing). A good breeder will usually guarantee’s their puppies for a year.

You might ask why I believe so strongly about this. It’s because I myself believe i was a victim of a puppy mill. I bought from a local kennel in Southeast Missouri. The add in the dollar stretcher stated Small Quality Yorkie puppies. Thinking the dogs were 800.00 must be a good breeder. The women seem so sweet. And she talked a good game. And she seem to care about the dogs. I ask all the right question, I thought. She told me the dog I choose came from a very, very good quality line. I asked her if there were any problem with the parents of the puppy. She assured me there were no problems at all. She talked this dog up good now. I trust people to much sometimes and I tend to take people at there word. Well, that was my mistake, I trusting her. Her guarantee was for 2 days. Papers signed money was paid. She then gave me the a five generation pedigree . Showing the puppy’s parents were half brother- half sister. I questioned her about this and again she assured me breeder do this all the time and that there were no problems at all in the lineage.
Two month after I had the dog he started having severe seizures and my vet thinks there is a strong chance it because of her breeding half brother-half sister together. I called her, to tell her what happened. she was not quite so sweet this time. She was not concerned about the puppy at all. Her response was “well I don’t know what to tell you” I was so upset I couldn‘t talking to her anymore. My husband called a several times she would not answer the phone. When he finally got through to her answering machine and told her we wanted our money back she had sold us a sick puppy…you guessed it ,she won’t return our calls. I spend the most terrifying 4 day at the vets office thinking this puppy was going to die. The Vet bill is around 400.00 and climbing. He still alive for now, but he not the same little dog I brought home. My 800.00 Small Quality yorkie is now 1200.00 plus and disabled. He will need testing and medicine the rest of his life because of a irresponible breeder. So yes, I would like to see people like her not be able to take advantage of someone else. Learn from my costly mistake. Write and call Joanne Emerson so we can stop these people. Ask friends and family as well to call, write or e-mail . We need everyone’s help and so does our four legged friends.

A dog lover

U.S. Representative
Jo Ann Emerson
The Federal Building
339 Broadway
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701
(573) 335-0101 tel
(573) 335-1931 fax

P.O. BOX 630
PHONE: 573-751-3359
FAX: 573-751-1784
E-MAIL: [email protected]

Christopher Bond
tel(202) 224-5721
Web Form: bond.senate.gov/contact/contactme.cfm

James Talent
tel(202) 224-6154
Web Form: talent.senate.gov/Contact/default.cfm?pagemode=1

As long as the facts you stated are true and can be proven then they will have no recourse. AS LONG AS ITS TRUE you are fine. If any of your story is found to be a lie or not the whole truth then that will cast doubts on the rest of your story and if she brings a case agaisnt you it could be won. Unless you have the evidence to back it up be real carefull what you do.

Now on a pesonal note. If it were me and I had all the evidence needed I would put right at the top of the page in big bold letters. (breeders name) is a puppy mill. Then continue with the story.
I have been a breeder my entire life. My parents were breeders and it sickens me to see these things. :mad:

Oh and get someone to prrof-read that story for you. It is full of grammer mistakes.


Senior Member
I see nothing wrong with the story as long as it is the truth. I do however think you need to talk to others as there are far more worse stories out there than yours. I think you got what you asked for. No one can swear on seizures down the road. If you wanted other assurances, you should have gotten them prior to getting the puppy instead of this many months later.

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