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Can I get out of my lease if I have a job out of town?

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I just graduated from college in Orlando, Florida, where the lease on my apartment expires August 15, 2001. I also just got hired to teach in another town (in Florida) that is nearly 2 hours away from my Orlando apartment; I begin my job August 1, 2001. My fiance and I are looking for a home to rent in the new town and we discussed with the landlady our current renting situation. She said to me that I can legally break my lease with my apartment based on the grounds that I have taken a job that is not local and my job starts before my lease expires. Is this true? The lease I signed with the apartment stated if I cancel early I owe so much money, but if I can cancel the lease based on my new job, will I owe money? (It didn't state any such stipulations) How do I go about discussing this with the leasing agents at my apartment complex? Thanks in advance for any advice!!!!
Laurel Brase =)



NO ...you will have to pay the amount for breaking the lease...just becuase you get another job somewhere else, that is NO EXCUSE to stiff your landlord.

Consider it a another cost of a job relocation.

But if your new landlady is DUMB enough to belive you can break the lease without a penalty, get that in writing in your lease ...... and next time your assss is covered!

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Okay, well thanks, but I think I will research this more... maybe I'll get lucky and someone not so rude will reply.



I cant imagine where people get such ideas from?

You have a lease, you owe for the lease until the last day of it,

UNLESS the landlord agress to let you out of it, then you will be sued for breaking the lease becuase YOU didnt get it in writing!


OR you help the landlord rerent the apartment by YOU showing it to prospective tenants and get them to sign a lease before you leave, then the landlord has lost ZERO and has no legal reason to collect a fee.

BUT think REDNECK......

a few years down the road when you apply again ooops a judgement...so you better NEVER lose your lease or reciepts!


I see NOTHING in the stautes about breaking a lease becuase of a job transfer!


The 2000 Florida Statutes

Title VI
Chapter 83
Landlord And Tenant
View Entire Chapter

83.595 Choice of remedies upon breach by tenant.--

(1) If the tenant breaches the lease for the dwelling unit and the landlord has obtained a writ
of possession, or the tenant has surrendered possession of the dwelling unit to the landlord,
or the tenant has abandoned the dwelling unit, the landlord may:

(a) Treat the lease as terminated and retake possession for his or her own account, thereby
terminating any further liability of the tenant; or

(b) Retake possession of the dwelling unit for the account of the tenant, holding the tenant
liable for the difference between rental stipulated to be paid under the lease agreement and
what, in good faith, the landlord is able to recover from a reletting; or

(c) Stand by and do nothing, holding the lessee liable for the rent as it comes due.

(2) If the landlord retakes possession of the dwelling unit for the account of the tenant, the
landlord has a duty to exercise good faith in attempting to relet the premises, and any rentals
received by the landlord as a result of the reletting shall be deducted from the balance of rent
due from the tenant. For purposes of this section, "good faith in attempting to relet the
premises" means that the landlord shall use at least the same efforts to relet the premises as
were used in the initial rental or at least the same efforts as the landlord uses in attempting to
lease other similar rental units but does not require the landlord to give a preference in
leasing the premises over other vacant dwelling units that the landlord owns or has the
responsibility to rent.

mary ray

Just curious dj1, can you answer a question without using the word redneck? It seems to be indelibly ingrained in your vernacular.


Mary Ray:

You see there are scumbag low life landlords in this world and most I have met are REDNECKS!

So you have to think like you were raised as trailer trash, to try and be one step ahead of their gutter mentality.

So i offer practical advice in dealing with such garbage people.

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