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Car totaled, personal injuries, not my fault...attorney or not?

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What is the name of your state?I am from Kentucky and was hit from behind by a truck. I was sitting still at the time and my car was totaled. I also suffered a crushed knee (having replacement surgery this week), fractured elbow, and soft tissue injury to right achilles that hasn't healed in over a year. My question: besides medical reimbursement, what type of compensation am I entitled to? Can I represent myself, or is it better to get a personal injury attorney? I hate to have to pay 40% of my compensation, but I also hate to not get what I'm entitled to. Thanks, in advance, for your prompt response. LKR


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You definitely need attorney!!!!

Run....don't walk to the closest attorney's office. You definitely have a case. Your entitlement depends on the extent of your injuries, disabilities, if any, and amount of medical expenses. Good Luck! RMS


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Now this is just plain confusing................ This person answered their own post! :eek: Multiple personality disorder perhaps?


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sorry about that

I left my screen up and some wise soul in my house answered my post :rolleyes: Oh, well...will someone out there please send some help my way....concerning the auto accident, of course :)


I only partially agree with the member in your house.

Two cases in NC
1. My son’s friend was a passenger in a car blown off the road in a storm. Fractured wrist, $7000.00 to $8000.00 med bill. His mother expected about three times that for settlement. The settlement was for about $42000 to $45000.00. Her son got 25,000.00 the lawyer got the rest. Not bad.

2. Co- worker rear ended in company vehicle. I really don’t know his bill but he was out and seeing doctors a lot. It was really a slipped disc and a lot of pain. He got a lawyer, hoped for best, after repaying the workmans comp or disability ins ( I was too disgusted to ask which) and doctor bills, he ended up in debt. Filing for bankruptcy this week.
Not good.

So I agree GET a Lawyer. But get one who is familiar with this kind of work.


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Attorney is not always necessary.

There are books on the market that can help you "play" the insurance game. However, I believe you would be very surprised how easy it is to represent yourself and save almost half of your settlement. Send the insurance company ALL medical records, police report, out-of-pocket expenses, etc.. Do not forget to include everything, including mileage for every doctor visit, etc. @ .38 per mile. Total, then multiply by three and state what you are seeking. Aim high in case they try to low ball you. Not only should you be able to collect their policy maximum, you should also be able to file a claim with your insurance company for "underinsured motorist" if the person that hit you had a minimal coverage plan (25,000.00). I just settled with an insurance company and am in the process of an underinsured motorist claim with my insurance company. I only recommend this be done if you can communicate in a business-like manner and you are able to invest time and effort. It is not complicated, as a matter of fact, after trying it, you will wonder what exactly attorney's actually do to earn the whopping 40% they charge.


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CA - I am in the middle of a lawsuit with LARRY H PARKER representing myself and my 18 month old daughter that was in the accident... My daughter just got her settlement but let me explain the accident...

A semi Truck rear endded my Honda Civic and hit me 6 times... Yes, 6 TIMES!!! and caused me to rear end the car in front of me... Anyhow, my daughter was terrfied and complained about her head and has since be scared of trucks and my Civic, (I had to buy a PT Cruiser just to get her in a car)...

She got a settlement for $500 which $156 is going to Larry Parker... My daughter is getting under $350 for this accident... What a waste, I could have gotten the $500 MYSELF! ($500 is the minium settlement) Such BS, DO IT YOURSELF!!!!

As for myself, they are negoitating it... I have a injuried back and such but I doubt I will get anything with the way they are working... Once again, DO IT YOURSELF!!!!

By the way, get the 2004 Honda Civic LX!!! I walked away with only scratchs and minor damage to the rear bumper... Also with my daughters and my life...


Trying to deal with an insurance company after an accident with injuries with no attorney to advise you, is like walking into a lion's cage defending yourself with a toothpick!!

The insurance companies are looking out for their own interests, not yours, and belive me they have attorneys working for them.

Do your homework and find one to help you from the start. Don't just pick one on the catchiest t.v. commercial and hope for the best!

True you will have to cough up a percentage to pay them, but it's a gamble you have to take to wade through the legal red tape and come out with fair compensation.


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Thanks so much!!!!!

Thanks to all of you who took your time to answer my post. Your advice is greatly appreciated and I will heed it cautiously. Anyone else with more advice on the issue is welcome to send it my way. I've got a couple of weeks before I decide what I'm going to do. Again....thanks! :)

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