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career crashed because of accusations made against someone on my team

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What is the name of your state?What is the name of your state? Tx

from the tone of most post's & answers i'm afraid i already know the response i am going to get, however.

i am a mid-level senior manager for a major corporation. i recently had 2 individuals (women) leave the company without notice. the first resulted in my interviewing the team she was working with, discussing that information with my director, and the hr manager. hr spoke with the associate (exit interview) and no further directive for action was sent to me as a result. 2 weeks later the second associate walked out ( we actually passed and spoke briefly the morning she left and she mentioned no issues). ok now i have major red flags going off. i contacted hr, and emailed my director who was on an offsite function requesting a meeting. i began interviewing the associates to find out if there were any issues regarding her leaving. around 3:30pm that day she emails me stating that she is giving her notice, and could no longer contend with internal & external departmental bickering. i forwarded that information to both my director & hr. that night 8:30pm, i received an email from my director to hr copying me stating that he wanted to schedule face to face meetings with the entire team. monday morning i go to touch base and coordinate our schedules to conduct the interviews. i was informed that that would not be neccessary or appropriate as there was either an issue with me, the team lead, or him(director), and he needed to get the information himself and get back to me. 2 weeks later i am called into the hr directors office with the directive that 3 of the team members (2 males & 1 female/lesbian) were being reassigned? i was asked about "sexual communication" within the group, and my first knowledge of it. i responded that i had no knowledge of sexual communication, and was slightly confused as to what that meant. i was immediately confronted with 4 items.
1. a male on the team had made a statement about "sweating his balls off" while working in a non-airconditioned warehouse, to which a brand new female employee took offense to. i was aware of this, as the female employee came to me with it. i took the incident to the hr mgr (below the director), discussed the incident, and was directed to speak with the individual. I did so individually, and to the group as a whole, regarding speech, and knowing your audiance. hr offered no more guidance at that point.
2. i was asked about a female employee/lesbian who displayed her middle finger to another male employee. again i knew of that incident, as i received a call from the department manager of the person this happened to. the department gm for that group and i met to discuss the issue, and took our resolution again to the hr manager. again the response was to speak to the individual, although i specifically asked about doing a counceling. i again spoke to the team (we have a weekly meeting) about communications, our expected level of professionalism, and my expectations. i even followed it up with an email to the team for (i thought) my own personal proof in case something came of the issue.
3. i was asked about the same female/lesbian who was observed from behind by a team member in our group speaking to another associate and making, a "hand jesture, like a male masterbating or shaking dice"? i was. the observing party called me to discuss after hours over the phone the day it happened, and i suggested that we speak prior to work the next day. i asked the team lead (an hourly employee) to sit in on the conversation, to get his input. the individual recounted the incident, and stated that she was concerned over the individuals "professionalism". again as procedure i discussed with hr, the individual, & group.
4. i was asked about "my" directive to NOT use the open door policy. this was a shocker, as we have yearly direct report ratings that rate 100 different catagories on op's mgrs. i constantly rate in the 90th percentile (dc average is in the 60-70-% range) for openess & communcation. anyway, "1 or more" individuals indicated that they did not feel comfortable in going around the chain of command to discuss issues because i had directed them to use the team lead, then me then the director for departmental production issues, and to not send emails directly to directors & vp's about day to day issues like inventory accuracy. my director sat in 2 meetings while he and i both discussed the open door policy for all issues, and i made the statement both times regarding production issues. he never once disagreed with the statement.

the result of this tome is that i was given a "final warning"
(i had no counseling's, or actions prior to this) and informed by my director in front of the director of hr, that along with my F/W i was also removed from the "fast track" for promotion ( i was in line for a op's II promotion)and in fact was on "no track" going forward. i was floored. my reviews and record in directing 6 different groups has been exemplary, consistently exceeding expectations of 3 different gm's & directors. when i reviewed the document it qualified the action by saying that i had not followed up with him, or the hr director on these issues (not a normal process) , thereby resulting in neglegance on my part, and leaving the company open to "hostile environment" litigation. when i asked about the hr mgrs ability to councel with me in theses situations, i was told to communicate with him alone was inadequite. when i mentioned to the hr director (a female) that this really seemed like random enforcement, and had the flavor of trying to make a statement, based on her participation in a weekly senior managers, meeting 2 weeks prior where a male peer made a statement that he was given by the senior vp of operations about "stepping on your 3rd leg" on a project, and how she laughed right along with the management team at that comment. at that point my director interjected that he understood that i would not agree, but that the decision was made. he informed me that he would be reassigning one of my groups (the one with no issues?) to another manager effective tue, and that i would retain the group that he just imploded. short of just allowing this to happen and laying low while i job search, do i have any recourse to have this reviewed?


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If you mean legal recourse, no, you don't. You are free to take advantage of any internal policies that may exist.

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