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case or not?????

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What is the name of your state? MI

I will try to sum this up as short as i can.;) Back at the end of march 2006 . My computers motherboard fried. I called up a computer company that my mom had referred me to because they were clients of hers. I called to just get a price because i already knew what i needed , but the gentleman insisted that they needed to see it.
OK no problem. So i had my mother take the computer tower there since she knew these people personally. When she dropped it off she had told the girl behind the counter that she was friends with the owner, and wanted to drop this off for him to look at. The lady then grabbed a yellow post it note and asked for a contact name and number . My mom gave her MY name and my number seeing as how it was MY computer. The lady then stuck it to the computer and said they will call you when their done looking at it.

About a week and a half went by and i did not recieve any phone calls , so i called and they told me that my motherboard is fried(which i already knew) and that to fix it would cost about 200 dollars. I then started to ask questions about what he would do if he was me. He told me that i was crazy if i didnt fix it and that if i didnt want to fix it he would give me 90.00 for the computer minus a 40.00 diagnostic fee, for a total of 50.00. What a crazy offer. I replied with no way. So after some talk back and fourth i then told him that im going to think about this and then let him know what my decision will be as far as what im going to do. Fix it, sell it, or whatever. He was understanding as computers arent cheap these days and just told me to let him know . We hung up and that was that.

After speaking to some friends who knew a little bit about computers , i decided that i was just going to get a new one and maybe fix this one down the road because i was only being offered 50.00 for it. The month of april went by and come May, my mom had to go stop into their store because she had some questions for them( as i stated earleir they are clients of hers) So she figured that since she had to go there that she would pick up my computer and just pay the diagnostic fee and that would be the end. Well the person behind the counter had no clue as to what was going on with the computer. He said that he would have someone call who did know what was going on . So time goes by and no phone call. I called again, im thinking a couple weeks after this and got the same response that someone will call me back. No Luck.
So now im annoyed . I have been calling this company and just can not get this owner to return my phone calls . One lady will tell me their moving things and that she will call me back , and then no call back. I called one time and this guy told me that he didnt have the owners number and that he had no idea what was going on , but 5 minutes later they called my work number (they must of had caller ID, because i dont give that number out) and told me that after he hung up with me the owner called and basically said that he no longer has my computer and that he took it apart and sold it.I had left it there too long he said and i owed him money for it. Apparently things left there after 7 days get charged a 15.00 a day storage fee and after 30 days they become abandoned and property of the stores, and this is stated on the contract i signed. The thing is, i never signed one and neither did my mom from what she can remember. He also said that he had been trying to get ahold of me which he has not. I have been going back and fourth with this company now for the last 2 months trying to get ahold of this owner to see why he did this and that i was never made aware of their policy. He will not return my calls, i call almost every day. i have stopped in there once and got no where. I have kept a log of every time i have called and the outcome. Apparently the owner says that he has the paperwork and write up from when my computer was dropped off with a signature on it underneath their policy contract. I have made several attempts to retrieve the documents. Why wont he give it to me? Thats all that i want know, i want to see that signature and if its legit and obviously would be my moms signature, then this would be done and over. But my mom the one who dropped it off does not recall signing anything and probably didnt because she stated to the receptionist that she was a friend of the owner. I would liek to go to small claims court and try to retrieve what i can for the loss of my computer that was obviously in decent condition because he even told me so, and he wanted to buy it.
But if i go to court and he brings this"signature" then wouldnt he be able to turn around and sue me for lost wages ? The reason im asking this is because the last time i called this company i spoke to one of the employees about getting the authoritys involved and possibly going to court. And she basically told me that if i take him to court and I lose that he will sue for his lost wages for court that day.What if he wants me to do this so that he can show up to court with these documents and laugh and then sue me for money?The people that i talk to at this company are shady people and im just asking for a simple paper that he supposably has so that this can be done.:confused:
I feel that he had no right to take apart my property and sell it with out me knowing(assuming there is no contract signed)He claimed to have tried to get ahold of me but that is not true . I think that he has no paperwork and apparently no phone number of mine. The girl only wrote a name and number on a sticky note.
Is their any ways to get a court order to obtain the paperwork. Im just trying to make this simple. Do i even have a case?:confused:

sooooo annoyed!:mad:


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If you think you have been damaged by someone, sue them in small court for the total amount of actual and direct damages (in dollar amount) in small claims court.

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