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child custady

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I have been with my boy freind for over a year. we will soon be married. he has 2 daughters. there mother has not seen them in several months, does not pay child support, and when she does decide she wants to be apart of there lives she pays 2 weekschild support and the court says that is enough for her to take the toddlers over 100 miles away to her unknown boy freinds house for 2 days. I do not know or trust this man. Is there anything we can do?



You are going to have to be more specific.
Such as what type of custody does the b/f have, what kind of visitation does mom have?
Also, CS and visitation are two separate issues. The NCP does not have to pay to see their children.


As much as you love your boyfriend, your feelings about how you feel about her boyfriend don't matter. As a girlfriend, there is nothing you can do. He can request to meet the man that will be around his children. As they both are parents and have yet to have any legal restrictions placed on them, she is free to take them around whomever she pleases. Also understand that any restrictions he asks to place on her boyfriend (such as no overnights) can also be placed on you. Unless you have something to prove he is a danger to the children, you're pretty much out of luck. Of course you could always offer to pay to put them up in a hotel near you.


there mom moves from one place to another all the time. right now she is living with her boyfriend. In the 2 years she has been in new york, arazona, kansas, and 4 towns here in oklahoma. through all this she has not had a job. The man she lives with now she met on a bus. I just want the girls to be well taken care of. We never know where she might go next. Oh, the dhs had said that is the girlses mother did not pay childsupport then because she sighned over full custady to there father then we did not have to let her take the girls. she could still see them but at his house. Also there mother has 3 warrents out for her arrests for checks and such.


If what I am reading, you have stated that your b/f has full custody, and she has supervised visits in your home?

If this is so, why are you letting her take the children 100 miles away?

Please, reread the court order, and if possible, let us know what it states. That way people can be more effective with advice if we know the legalities of the situation.

Good Luck and God Bless!


The custady papers state that she may get the girls every other week end, every other holaday, and one week in the summer. but only if she pays her child support. she now owes over 7,000 dollers. however she just had her another child and nolonger wants anything to do with the girls. this just resently happened. no-one has gone back to court about it. my Bf does not have the money to take her back to court. she will not take our phone calls or letters. she has not tried to see or contact the girls for months now.


That is NOT what the support order says. That's how you interpret it.

If you want specific answers you'll have to TYPE exactly the words used in the document.


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womanchild said:
The custady papers state that she may get the girls every other week end, every other holaday, and one week in the summer. but only if she pays her child support.


woah; either someone is confused; or totally totally 'guesstimating' what the papers said.

Child Support and Child Custody are TWO totally different areas.

If you stop paying support the reciever of support can not stop visitation. CSE will come after the support ower.

You can lose custody if you stop visitation. REGARDLESS if she is paying her support.


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What does the girls' father have to say about it all? 'Cause in all honesty, you have no more say in this situation than Mom's boyfriend does.

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