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Child Support & Modifying Visitation

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I need help desperately. My exhusband has visitation every other weekend and he does not follow the agreement. #1 - his license is suspended...again and he calls demanding that I bring our 3 year old 1 hour away to see him. He says it's my responsibility since his license is suspended. He's got access to a ride from his parents, sister and girlfriend. I've brought our son out there 4 times now and the last time was the last. In the divorce agreement I put that he was responsible for transportation because he ALWAYS tries to get everyone to cater to him. Last week he demanded to see our son and got really nasty. He asked me to bring him out and I did, but I didn't realize that he lives farther away, he didn't give me any gas money and when I was half way down the road he called on my cellphone and got furious that I only brought one diaper because I figured it was his responsibility to provide those when he's with him. I turned around and gave him $13 to buy more. He brought him home earlier than agreed upon and frankly, I've had enough. I've checked into a program that legally will make him pick his son up on Saturday morning from a designated place and drop him off there on Sunday. I've thought about supervised visitation because of his bi-polar and the fact that he's on probation and other things too. I just don't know what to do. I just don't want to put up with his emotional abuse anymore. I've had him arrested for domestic violence in the past and I've had several restraining orders. Right now he's on probation for possession of coccain back in Rhode Island. How hard do you think it would be to change the visitation rights to supervised through the court?

Also, he hasn't paid me a dime of court ordered child support since the divorce and one minute it's because he doesn't want me to spend it on my boyfriend (which is a crock), the next, he feels because I make more he shouldn't have to pay and then he says the doctor says he's unemployable because of his condition. I agree that the child support amount is very high, $163/wk for one child and I don't mind having it lowered to $50 or $60. I'm just tired of not getting any help.

I really need some advice. I'm going to get the paperwork myself because I can't afford an attorney. Please let me know what to do. When I go to court, he will try to pull everything imaginable to make me out to be a horrible person. It would take too long to write it all.

He tries to say I'm an unfit mom because when I found out he was coming back from CT (he left because he said he would have killed me) I moved to Tampa to get away from him and moved down there with a friend to start my life over. Until I could find an apartment of my own, a daycare and a stable job, my kids stayed with my mom and I came up on the weekend. The whole thing didn't work and I came back in about 3 or 4 months. He tells me that I abandoned my kids for some guy and believe me, this isn't true. I just wanted to get far away from him.

Since all of this, I have bought a nice house, and provide a great home, food, safe environment and all of the necessities on my own.

Also, my little boy calls my fiance daddy Aaron because Aaron has played such a positive role in his life. He's been with me for over 2 years and he adores my son. My son started calling him this on his own because he's been there for my son. Can I get in trouble legally for this because he calls Aaron daddy? The first 1 1/2 years of our son's life, my ex was out literally getting drunk and doing drugs every night. When he left us, he went to CT, came back, got arrested a few times, violated probation, went to NC, came back, went to jail and then was extradited to RI to serve time. Now he's back.

Please answer me about the not paying of child support and what papers need to be filled out, about the visitation and whether I should go for supervised or monetary pick up, and whether or not I can get into trouble for my son calling my fiance daddy. Also, will I get into trouble for moving to Tampa a couple of years ago for 3 months to get away from my ex?

Please get back to me asap. I'm really confused and scared and need some sound legal advice.



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