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Civil Lawsuit & harrassment

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I live in Pennsylvania. I am being sued by a person who was a very close friend. She helped me financial a great deal and always thought she was such a great friend because she insisted I not pay her back. She even told other friends of mine that she was a better friend to me than they were for that very reason. I'd never accepted help from anyone before, but she came along at a time when I really needed it. In return she was very controlling and had extremely high expectations. Once she decided that I must not be her friend she decided that she wanted to get me back.

She helped me to purchase a parrot. I was living with her for a short time while I tried to save some money and I had a parrot that died because her husband constantly kept the bird covered and she had a heart attack. A portion of the money given to me for the bird was their attempt to make it up to me that my bird died. She called it the "dead bird fee". It was $300. The remaining $550.00 was to be paid back within one year. When we had our falling out, she stormed into my home and insisted that I sign something saying I would pay the entire amount of the bird off within two months. When I told her that was not the agreement she simply said, "well, you're not my friend anymore". At the time I was roommates with her brother in law and they would not leave (because they were "visiting him") until I signed this. Now they are suing me for $4000.00. I have no idea where they get this figure. I am sure they will try to say I was suppose to pay rent while I lived with them, but that was not the arrangement.

Since our falling out, they repeatedly went into my house and took my belongings. When I called the police, they told me that because they had a key (I gave them one when we first moved in and were very close in case of an emergency) there was nothing that could be done. I moved the majority of my valuables (I furnished the entire house) into my bedroom and put a padlock on the door. They broke the lock. At the time I didn't know what was taken from my room, but I did know that my camera was taken from the house. The police said that the camera was in the common area and nothing could be done. I couldn't pinpoint any specific valuables removed from my bedroom so the police did nothing. In addition to going into my room and m y house, they also called my boss and told him I was stealing. When my boss did nothing because I am a good employee they called his boss and said the same thing. Luckily nothing came of it.

Because I realized that nothing in my house was safe and my roommate (this friends brother in law) refused to move out, I decided that I needed to move. I was forced to leave a job that I loved (I had just been trained to be a dog trainer which was a dream of mine) to relocate to the same store but at a location where they do not need a trainer. The expense of the move has been tremendous. I tried to get legal aid but am told that I am not eligible because this is a case that involves money.

I do not have two pennies to rub together. I have bipolar and attention deficit disorder. I have no money to even be on medication. Oh, when they served me the papers for the law suit, they had them delivered care of my boss at my place of employment. I am told by the county court house that they had to pay extra money to have them delivered there. They know my correct address...it was on the court documents. I have wanted to file a complaint against them with the court systems, but I did not have their address.

I have asked the courts to send me subpoenas to send to these people, demanding that they provide me copies of their documentation. I don't know what I am able to do regarding the harrassment or slander charges. Also, the day I moved out, my roommate called them when he realized I was moving (I had led him to believe I was moving later in the month). Not far from my old house I realized they were following me. I pulled off the road and called 911. The police surrounded them two driveways behind where I was. They were kind enough to detain them so I could leave. These people are insane. I don't know if I have any recourse or how to pursue it. I am not able to organize my thoughts under normal circumstances, but the harrassment and stress has made me struggle with distractability and depression and I have no help. Please, any insights you can off would be very much appreciated.

I apologize that this is so long, but it is even one hundred times more complicated than I have made it seem...My apologies though.


Third Party

Your Book Review

It simply comes down to if these were gifts or loans. You say they are gifts while she will say they are loans. If she continued to give you gift after gift, it would seem more believable than giving loan after loan. The $4000 figure was probably a strained attempt to get the most out of you.
The bird thing makes no sense. She helps you to purchase a bird. Her husband kills it. She gives you 300 out of 550, and she storms into your apartment WANTING the rest of the money? She was paying you and wants the rest of the money? Either I am misunderstanding or you typed it incorrectly…

If you never had an arrangement to pay rent, then they cannot impose rent fees afterwards.

The court would not see you moving as reimbursable. I think the court would see that as erratic behavior and the expenses gained would be of your responsibility.

As far as the property “stolen,” you will need proof that they took these items, which will be near to impossible. A court may believe that since they had a key that they were responsible… Could use the argument that none of their stuff was stolen, but yours was… (That is if they were living with you at the time.)

If they are considered a creditor, harassment at the workplace is not allowed. Earn some brownie points by saying they harassed you in the workplace.

As far as harassment, call the police as it occurs. Get police reports, which would help in your possible future case. (The report from the 911 call would probably be useful if you go to court.) Slander is too difficult to prove and is best left alone.

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