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Confused about law!

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I was at a sonic with a few friends. one person in the back seat got out and begain to urinate on the tire of the jeep we where in. I had no knowledge he was doing this. Next thing I know I hear a guy yelling about having a child. I turn around and see a guy getting out of his car and charging up to my friend. yes my friend was completly drunk and had no clue to what was going around him. The first thought in my mind was "Oh no! this guy is gonna beat up my friend" So got out of the vehicle and and walked up to this guy. And said "whoa whoa, hey man he's just drunk and dont know what he's doing" This guy tells me "Move out of the Fing way or your going to jail" I said "What!?" Who are you?" He said he was a cop in this city I was visting. I asked to see his badge, he told me "Its in my car and if you dont get back in the jeep your going to Jail" I said again" Show your badge because I dont know if you are a cop or just saying that so you can kick the crap outta my buddy" I asked for this guys badge 4 times and he wouldnt get it. by this time my friend was back in the jeep so I felt it was safe if I got back in as well. Now this guy is on his cell phone calling the police. After he makes the call he starts yelling at me to get out of the jeep Im going to Jail. T asked to see his badge again. no reponse to that, just alot of cursing at me. By this time 2 patrol officers pulled in. This guy starts yelling at them "Get the guy in the front!!!" They come over to me and ask me to please step outta the vehicle. I put both my hands up and start to ask why I was being arrested. Before I could finish that sentence I was thrown from the jeep, slammed back up against it. Then slammed to the ground and had a knee in my throat cutting off my air. A lady working there tried to get the officer off my throat. She asked why he was arresting me and the officer said" I dont know yet" The handcuffed me took me to jail and wrote me a ticket for Interfering with a officering while conducting a interview!!! I had bruises and cuts all over me after they released me. I guess im posting this because I wanna know if I did anything against the law. And if what I did is against the law then the law needs to be fixed. But who listens to a kid or believes him.

I hope someone can help out here.



excuse me? you cant be serious? telling her/him to just keep his mouth shut?
NO they have the right to ask to see the badge! Matter of fact sounds to me the right was not read to them. and they had no reasson to arrest. i would call a attorney.


2_angles, you not of which you speak.

First of all, the fact they were not "read their rights" has nothing to do with this incident.

And no where in the Miranda warnings is there a "right to see a badge", as you seem to indicate....."No they have the right to ask to see the badge! Matter of fact sounds to me the right was not read to them." If that's not what you meant, you had better learn to use proper grammar.

Now I agree that the officer should have identified himself better. The poster doesn't say what he was arrested for, so its impossible to determine why he was arrested.

I can tell you one thing though......this isn't the whole story. JBand is full of BS.


first of all. My name is made up because I have two angels (my two children)
you have every right to disagree with me.You may ofmisunderstood me what I meant to say what that person had freedom of speach.
Yeah maybe I should learn grammer bette. I have a learning disablity and just learned to read in last few years.
my Husband is the one that works for the sheriff office not me. i was just speaking as a american with a opnion. sorry if it offened you
I also belive if asked to see a badge or some proff that your a cop it should be given. If it is not given how are you to know your not just being att acked by someone acting as a cop?
here in OKlahoma they are required to show the badge and Id for that matter if asked. If they donot show it and are found guilty of not showing it they can lose there job.This is because there has been ppl beat/kidnapped and raped by men and weman that call them self cops. this is to protect the cop as well as the other person. Yes I agree there is porbley more to this story. were never know i guess. There is always another side of a story. have a good day Love and Luck to u and your family


2_Angels, I didn't say anything about your name (did I?). If I implied something, I didn't intend to .

Secondly, you didn't offend me. Sorry if I came off a bit rash, I sometimes seem harsh when I don't intend to be.

I didn't understand your post entirely, but it seemed to me that you said they should have never been arrested because they were not "read their rights". I responded by saying they don't have to be read their rights in this stuation.

I also thought you said that the right to ask for a badge wasn't read to them. This right is non-existent.

I agree that they have every right to ask for ID. How can the officer expect the person to comply without properly identifying him or herself?


No problem. seems we both got a little confused! LOL.
I have been a little cranky lattely sorry if that came out in my post.
I had emergancy surgery for cancer and had all my lady parts removed and my hormones are wacked! LOL
I am only 23 and having a very hard time with this. i seem to get a little cranky. I did not mean to. I would never mean to offend anyone. I am sorry. :)

I understand what your saying 100% and I agree with you I guess i just mis wrote my responce


Arrogant, no my friend. Confident, yes..and admittedly a bit cocky. :D

It's unfortunate that you feel the need to interject your hurt feelings into this thread. It has nothing to do with you and I disputing, and you added nothing of substance. This is what we call a thread hijacking.

2_angels, again I apologize for my overly harsh response. Now I must also apologize for my fan club hijacking your thread.

In my less than 200 posts, I have tried to "call it as I see it". Those with legitimate concerns in a subject I know a bit about have received all the help I can provide.

Those who are full of it have been told so. Apparently they don't like the truth.

Now I apologize for hijacking your thread....:D

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