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Cops taking me to hospital and possible charges

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Ian Cenci

Junior Member

So recently my friend heard a rumor and though i might be at risk of taking pills. (mentally sane person btw dont take pills) Well pretty much i was sleeping at around 11 at night and suddenly my door bursts open and i'm surrounded by a cop and two emergency paramedics who think i may have od on sleeping meds. Well i'm sure they saw pretty fast i wasn't gonna die anytime soon, but they started taking my heart rate and such anyways. So my real problem here is coming up and it is the fact i had marijuana visibly present in my bedroom. By this time a cop is back in my room and asking me if i had been smoking and such and asked me to turn over all my illegal objects. As soon as he had found everything i asked him if i was going to be charged and he firmly looked in my eyes and said yea you are gonna get charged. Well after this i am just sitting with the emts and they are just keeping an eye on me and talking to me and the one finishing up my blood pressure and heartbeat informed me that i needed to go to the hospital right now. I was perplexed by this as i have smoked hundreds of times and i seem just fine so i ask him "I need to go to the hospital for marijuana?". To which he replied yes. I go with them to the hospital and have to talk to mental health doctors which clearly they saw i wasn't trying to kill myself. I never saw the cops again even while in the hospital and they never actually said what i was being charged with or any of that. Moreover i was practically forced to the hospital and i was never read my rights and it was the emt that told me i didnt have a choice but i didn't even know who he was affiliated with at the time is this not considered detaining me because i thought detaining a person was making any major restriction of action imposed on somebody or you were taken somewhere? Could somebody please help me with some of the questions i have and give me your personal insight to some of the charges i could be facing or what actions i could possibly take?


Super Secret Senior Member
So recently my friend heard a rumor and though i might be at risk of taking pills. (mentally sane person btw dont take pills)
Plenty of "mentally sane" people take pills. The fact that you would make this statement makes me question your mental state.

Moreover i was practically forced to the hospital...

i was never read my rights...
I laugh every time someone says this. You don't have to be read your rights. Besides, it doesn't seem like you were arrested.

...is this not considered detaining me...
When people are stupid and they put themselves at risk of serious physical problems or death they tend to get "detained" and brought to a hospital whether they want to go or not. It's legal in every state that I am aware of.

Did the police seize your stash of marijuana? If it was still there when you got home then I doubt anything will come of this.


Active Member
There is no way for us to guess as to if there is a problem. The police may have had the right to enter under the community caretaking function, emergency doctrine or whatever it is called in PA. From the entry, it seems most thing flow pretty normal. I agree with /u/HighwayMan it does not seem you were forced to the hospital. Asking if it is needed is not the same as saying no.
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