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County discriminated against me for being a man?

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What is the name of your state?Tx

If I could skipped down to the bottom in real life it be nice...but luckily you all can.

Geez I cannot even figure out where to break it down at, it truley is an epic what they put me threw I don't even know how to shorten it..so I guess it's like this. I went to county to get help, they kept coming up with B's about why they are denying me..I'd correct them and they would come up with something else..then they would ask me to do something..I would and then another ridiculous task that they don't make anyone else do..then something else..and because of a typo on. Someone else's letter of residence, who isn't even apart of my application is wrong ,they try to deny me once more.

Skip the next block it's what was in mybhead
Say a man goes into to the social services to get help with rent. He takes in his lease his eviction notice In and all that. They ask what his emergency is, he tells them the person who had his money was beat and robbed and they took the rent money from her. They ask to see the report and I take it to them. They tell me they are not going to help me because she was arrested for criminal activity. I told them check again...it was warrants from 2015. Oh..ok..well is there proof she is no longer living there..yes I have proof the land lord removed her from the lease the next day! So I show them the updated lease signed and notoriZed. So they say well we can't help you. I ask why not, because you claimed to be sick and we need a note from a doctor ..I am shocked. I told them I lost my last job because I got sick and I tried to get disability but was denied..she's like ohh ok well we can't help you because you can work but you are not trying..they asked to see my paper from Texas work force showing I signed up..I show them .oh..well just because your on a list...I tell her..hold up ..let me show you my personal email where I have dozens of verification of applications and contacts with potential employers..ohh .ok well we need proof that your girlfriend is not living there..we need a bill from her new residence...umm her residence is in jail. I volunteered to get a letter saying that if she is not allowed back here she will be staying with a friend of hers..so a day goes by i talk to her . find out what bher plans were .so I go to her friends that's going to let her stay there when she's out...she looks like she's on drugs .anywho she prints out an agreement saying how much she's going to charge her what the conditions are etc..I take this back to them .oh..we need you to get this w9 filled out by your landlord...if not we will close out your case..now this one sounded weird..they wanted me to collect tax information from my landlord.thisnsounds like they are trying to stop me from getting help, but none the less I come back home call the land lord over have him fill it out..so now I'm on my way back I drop off the letter from my girls heroin addict friend I drop off the tax form for my landlord..and then they are like..oh did you bring back your landlord verification form..whaaat..now they know I'm on the bus .they know my DL is suspended the lady admits she didn't give it to me..Soni ask them to call my landlord and ask him to come fill it out .they call him and forget to ask him..they said you only have 3 days to do this this is day 2 we count Saturday and Sunday...omfg...so I get back on the bus head home call land lord get back on the busmmand they call me...oh we are denying you because there was a typo on the letter from your girlfriends friend so we cannot help you ..I lose it..I literally break down into tears on a crowded bus!!!! I explain to them that I have done everything thing that they have asked. I explained to them that me and that girl are only bf and gf I have no legal right to get any kind of letters or leases about any agreements she madem I asked them to verify with my landlord that she is no longer living there..I told them I'd get a note signed from my neighbors acknowledgeing the land lord took her off the lease because she's facing up to 3 years.and I told them if they want to get technical her new address is in the county jail possiblybup to the next 3 years I'm freaking out...I ask them why I'm having to prove where she is at if she is no longer on the lease.. what does this have to do with the emergency of eviction that I am facing..if I was a woman I know for a fact they would not make it this hard..I know plenty of people who cheat the system who take in hand written letters from their in-laws and so on..I'm going in legelitnwith paper work to prove everything..the truth is my gf is bad to me.i want away from her I need this help just in case she gets out..what she does and where she is at after she's out is none of my concern..I am the one free facing eviction..now I'm waiting on my little settlement and with that I'm going to pay what I'm short...if the land lord allows me.today was my last Grace period before he goes to court..the usual process is take in lease eviction letter proof of income and yah..for stupid stuff...there was a lady all messed up on Xanax bragging how she got them foos and how easy it was..this is why I vote Republican. The one time I need help they don't do it..they give it to the underserving drug dealers protitutes and pimps. Maybe if I sneak across the Canadian border steal some ones identity claim to be gender fluid maybe they will help
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Please break up your big block of text in to paragraphs, etc., and also shorten it to only the pertinent information.


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I did it like this to prove a point. It's what I was put through by the county to try to get rental assistance. Because I am a man up there is the mess they put me through. Woman and non males....and immigrants get help fast with no effort [/end ]

Oh and they denied me
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