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Credit Reports

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What is the name of your state? WI

My fiancee recently ordered her credit report from Trans Union and found that there were 36 credit accounts in her name, of which only 4 are hers. The other two agencies had only correct information on their reports.

Her TU credit report also listed names, addresses, and employment data that does not relate to her. Apparently, there is someone living nearby with a similar name...Kathi Brown.

We sent in the forms TU provided to dispute the information based on the fact that the information does not relate to her, asking to remove the 32 accounts, and the incorrect names, employement, and addresses.

We finally received information back from TU yesterday, and they did clear up about half of the account, but left some of them, including several of the negative references. They said that they did "verify" one of the negative accounts, but listed nothing for the others. They also did remove the names, addresses, and employment data. Some of the accounts that remain include a mortgage on a house, students loans, vehicle loans, etc.

What is our next step to have the incorrect information removed? Some of the accounts were opened before she was even 18yrs old. One of the accounts was through Chrysler for like $15,000 when she was 9 years old!!!!

We are planning on purchasing a car in the next few months, and a house within a year. What do we do to get this issue cleared up?

Thank you.


Senior Member
Wow! TU desparately needs to leave the credit reporting business.
I think I would send one more letter CRRR and with pain staking specificity I would dispute each bogus account and, demand they inform you of the procedures they used to verify the account that does not belong to her. They have been sued from one end of the country to the other on this stuff and they still don't get it.
Do everything in writing {CRRR} with these morons. Also, go to www.ftc.gov and read the Fair Credit Reporting Act. There are a lot of court cases piling up that holds CRA's responsible for continuing to report incorrect information when a coonsumer brings the inaccuracy to their attention.
I wouls counsel a bit of patience and a few trips to the P/O. but, you should get in resolved. Your fiancee should continue to monitor her other reports to be certain they don't get contaminated.


Thanks for the response. But how do we prove the accounts are not hers??? How can we dispute something when we have no information on it??? All we know is that the accounts are on her credit report. Shouldn't the burden fall on the TU to prove the accounts are hers? We alerady filled a dispute saying they weren't hers. TU sent information on how to add a 100 word statement to the report. To me, this is a BS option. I want her report correct and to show only information related to her. It will be hard to buy a house when according to them, she already has a $125,000 mortgage outstanding (in good payment atleast). Doesn't TU use SSN to identfy information??? I can't believe that they would put information on her report just because the name and location were similar.

Quite a few of the accounts are with a local credit union. Should we contact them directly? If so, how do we go about getting them to correct the information with TU?


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You are correct. She is entitled to a 100% accurate credit report. No way would I add that 100 word statement. All that does is tell a potential creditor there is a problem with another creditor.
You need to establish a paper trial. Do everything in writing and, CRRR. Actually, getting half deleted the first time is darned good. Just hope they don't reinsert.
Start contacting the people who are reporting the incorrect information {CRRR} and demand it be deleted. You can get them on the hook as well. They have a duty to report 100% accurate data. Just keep sending letters and demand your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. {please read the act}.
Also, you may wish to post this over at www.creditnet.com. It's a free site but, you must register and you'll find a lot of people fighting a battle with the CRA's. They have a library with a lot of sample letters.


The Fair Credit Reporting Act gives you the right to dispute items on your credit report. It is then up to the credit reporting agency to verify the accuracy of the information. Please follow the suggestions in the previous posts.


Senior Member
Let me amplify something. You don't need to prove anything. The CRA and the orginal creditor must prove the account is yours and is being reported acccurately.
This is why you really need to understand your rights under the FCRA. Interpetations of the act by courts are running more and more in favor of consumers. Chase Manhattan learned this the hard way. Go to www.bankersonline.com and scroll to "courtwatch". Click on Fair Credit Reporting Act and it is the 2nd entry-Nelson vs Chase Manhattan Mortgage. The OC is responsible for furnishing the credit reporter with accurate information.
What TU has done to your finacee is called "file splitting". Sadly, they do this a lot. In July, they lost a $5.3 million dollar lawsuit in Oregon. Do a "google search" using lawsuits against Trans Union and the 3rd entry will tell that story.
I'd suggest {after reading the FCRA} to conyinue to hammer away at TU. If they verify an account then, demand that they detail the procedure they used to verify. At the same time, go after the orginal creditor that is listing the "baddies". Don't use the word validate. Just say that you are not the person that they are reporting inaccurate data. Remind them of their liability and responsibility to provide accurate information. Do all of this in writing and mail the letters CRRR. Also, on the stuff you've deleted. Watch carefully that TU doesn't reinsert. If they do, they must give you 5 days notice prior to reinsertion. If they don't, they've violated the FCRA.
If they still insist on keeping the erroneous entries on her report, you've built enough of a paper trail that a lawyer can get you the rest of the way. Are you near Chicago? There is a supposedly anexcellent consumer affairs lawfirm at www.edcombs.com.

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