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Cross Border Claim

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What is the name of your state? Illinois

I Posted this in a different forum and possible the wrong forum..so I will try this Forum....I am dealing with an e-wallet company called FirePay based out of Canada (parent Company FireOne)...SOmebody managed to get my username/password for my FirePay account and online poker account using possibly a trojan or keylogger......They executed almost $10K in transactions from my FirePay account to my Poker account where they then liquidated the funds into the site. FirePay uses something callled Instacash, which is an unverified EFT transaction so that customers can have instant access to funds...I only had a few hundered bucks in my bank account to all the transactions bounced out and left me with almost 10K in debt to FirePay.....I spoke with a few local collection/banking lawyers that were intrigued with my story..but also not very knowledgable about what i should do**************.I have a few specific questions.....How can i find out if this company has any jurisdiction is sueing me in Illinois?.....Can they sue me in Canada?....if so would i ever need to attend?.....Since FirePay associates with online gambling transactions...(which is illegal in ILLinois...would they ever think to bring criminal/Civil claims to my state or are the threats empty (scare tactic)...In the User Agreement that i supposedly accepted 2 years ago...it states "all disputes between me and FIrePay WILL and can only be settled in a Tribunal Small CLaims court"....AM I Bound to this?..furthermore..AM i bound to any terms of their user agreement which entails the Clicking of a mouse button on ACCEPT rather than any formal signature or agreement.....Also, I have little information on who to contact for help in this online fraudulent matter....I filed a local police report...but I felt that was worthless at best..... Is this Instacash EFT system even considered an electronic check or a type of ach transaction?....can you even be charged for an NSF on an ach transaction?....please answer what you can...and if possible.....give me a few contacts of some good online/fraud/banking lawyers that could provide some useful information**************..P.S......Debtman..please done reply with a post telling me how stupid i am for gambling online.....i could seriously use some info here..if only just where to look.
Thank You


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How can i find out if this company has any jurisdiction is sueing me in Illinois?
They have no jurisdiction in the US. However, they can easily hire a lawyer in the US, in your state, to sue you for them -under US law and it would stick.

.....Can they sue me in Canada?
Probably, but it would be pretty pointless since you are not a Canadian citizen and not bound by their laws.

can you even be charged for an NSF on an ach transaction?.
Of course you can !

Their threats of criminal prosecution are likely just that, however, for 10K I suspect they will find a way to take action in the US.

Perhaps you can find yourself a lawyer conversant in international law..


PayPal was prosecuted by the gov't for engaging in internet gambling payment processing as it is a US based company.....Firepay, however, much like Neteller...is based in Canada for it to be legal in processing online gambling transactions.....furthermore......how can they prosecute a US citizen for bouncing e-checks to a company that processes illegal transactions....Wouldnt that be much like writing an e-check to a coffee shop in Amsterdam for Marijuana..that bounces..and then they try and sue you for the funds and prosecute you for writing a bad check for your Pot?....Why would the US gov't or state gov't help to make sure taht these companies are getting their funds when the US is trying to crack down online gambling and online gambling payment processors....Dunno....I did not authorize the transactions, however, i am having a hard time reporting fraud relating to online gambling....I guess the good that comes out of this is that I will NEVER engage in online gambling as long as using these companies is necessary to getting funds to the online Casino...I however, do NOt want to get stuck with this 10K Debt and just wish someone had some sort of idea related to the legal aspects of this type of situation....


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is anyone online in this forum now? I am down BIG to firepay as of a few hours ago, would like to talk to someone.

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