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Demand Settlement - Insurance - Tammy8 or ?

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What is the name of your state? It is MO as with Larry & Curly lol ... I feel like a stooge anyway.....

Seriously, just a quick question for the insurance and/or legal folks. I notice Tammy8 is an adjuster type and hopefully I can get a thought or two from others.

I *finally* sent my settlement demand package in to the at-fault driver's insurance company for the car accident (hereinafter "car wreck") a few weeks back. I had consulted with an attorney who is a 'friend' and who is very much trusted as he reviewed my demand letter and other pertient documents. At any rate, the deadline was Friday, August 23, as far as asking for a response. I did not receive a phone call yet or anything in the mail.

I have several recourses I know. 1) To wait another business day or two and then make a phone call to the at-fault driver's insurance adjuster and ask.... what's up honee? lol , 2) call the attorney I consulted with and ask should we file now since it is apparent the other company is not coooperating (I did a check and they do have financial problems), or 3) call the at-fault driver's insurance company and ask who is the supervisor's name for this adjuster and then address issues with the supervisor......... or maybe I am just jumping the gun here. What do you suggest? I do need some advice from one of the attorneys here or an insurance adjuster.

I have some hope they would settle the PI claim, but the few times I talked with that insurance adjuster when the car wreck first happened was not good. She was angry and yelled at me several times........ althought accepting 100% liability for their insured's runnin a stale red light and causing the car wreck. Their insured is high-risk, had minimum limits and the municiple judge at court when finding him guilty of the citation he received, said he had a 'very colorful driving history.'

Should I wait it out a few more days or a week ..... or should I call "my" attorney now?

Thank you for listening :-D


Senior Member
Top 10 Reasons to Settle your Claim as Quickly as Possible - -

NUMBER 10: The adjuster is actually doing you a favor by ignoring you because being classified as a "madman" makes your auto insurance rates go sky high.

NUMBER 9: Call the adjuster on Monday, and say, "Hi -- I'm phoning from prison"

NUMBER 8: Do you have 3 hours to talk about insurance?

NUMBER 7: To settle your case real fast with the adjuster, always begin conversations with "What are you wearing?"

NUMBER 6: Ask the adjuster, "sometimes I really get itchy--is that covered?"

NUMBER 5: You know your case isn't going to settle when the adjuster says to you, "Wait a minute--so this has nothing to do with Clarence Thomas?"

NUMBER 4: You should give up when you receive a letter that says, "Your insurance claim was very entertaining. Your friends at Allstate."

NUMBER 3: When the adjuster denies your claim, you say, "How many people will be bitten by that giant lizard before Allstate does something?"

NUMBER 2: When you need to file your lawsuit, choose "Jacoby & Meyers -- specializing in giant-lizard-bite lawsuits since 1952."

AND, the NUMBER ONE Reason to Settle Your Lawsuit as Quickly as Possible - -

When the adjuster says to you, "I know that you'll come out of this a better, stronger person for having been bitten by a giant lizard."




LOL. You are sooo baaad IAAL. I might just *work* No. 7 though....


I decided to copy/paste my answer to another post in this thread here also:

Thank you anyway, tammy8, for your Reply.

What I was looking for was some advice in the "negotiation dance" as it may be called. Although it might be naiive on my part to try first negotiations with a professional insurance adjuster surely trained to minimize what its company pays out, I have done tons of research and have somewhat of a natural ability to negotiate things.... That being said, the adjuster for at the at-fault driver's insurance company called this morning while I was out running errands. She left a message on my machine. So as far as the time question on my deadline, it is now a moot issue.

So for anyone that reads this later, the following website contains a series of articles which helped greatly in settlement and negotiating practices (as well as tons of other info when doing searches on the Internet, using search terms like "negotiation dance," obstacle negotiation," conflict negotiation," "negotiating steps," etc. and of course without the quotes.


Of course, there is always the option of filing a lawsuit when your (my) negotiation skills are exhausted and still no satisfactory settlement is reached. It's good to have an attorney "in your back pocket" in that case ;-)

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