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Did I commit a felony?

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scared to death

I worked for a company for 7 months. After 5 months I still was not caught up on all the bills. In general conversation I told the owner I was going to have to sell my house and possibly move to a different area. I went on to discuss salary advances with him. He said we'd see what we could do. My mistake was, I gave myself overpayments on my salary to catch up on bills without a written agreement from him, but always with the intent to pay this money back to the company. I since left the company due to some harassment, which the boss/owner was aware of, but have been unable to pay them back. His lawyer contacted me, and I met with them to discuss this. He is charging me almost twice what I borrowed, discussing the situation with my friends who are not employees of his company, and telling me I committed a felony. I was in such shock at his lawyers office, I signed some kind of forebearance agreement. Several days later when I calmed down, I noticed this agreement also released him and the company of any present or future allegations/cahrges of sexual harassment. I want to pay the money back, but he wants it all at once in about 7 days. I am a single mom supporting 3 kids without child support, and now am finding difficulty finding another job. Needless to say, I do not list this employer on my resume after the meeting with him and his lawyer. What should I do? Did I commit a felony? What are the state charges in KS for something like this? Please help me, I really have nowhere else to turn with question.



Are you kidding? You stole from him and you are in some kind of dreamland that you didn't! Pleeeeease lady, what world are you in? You can't steal from your employer and expect the world to be rosy. You got caught, wake up and smell the coffee lady. Bring your toothbrush, the kids can visit you on visiting days. And by the way, yes, it is a felony.


Well MOM what about giving temporary custody back to the fathers...so you can get 2 or 3 jobs and pay it back, and avoid jail time...hell your kids will be taken away from you anyway if you are charged...the fathers will seek custody anyway..

But by getting a a lawyer and voluntarilly giving up custody temporarilly...you might have a chance in hell to get out of this.


<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by scared to death:
I am a single mom supporting 3 kids without child support<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Why ??


File a sexual harrassment complaint with the EEOC & your state EEOC deopartments. If they try to sue you for breach of contract, you can argue that they used unconscionable practices to pressure you to sign the release -- threatening criminal prosecution unless you sign the release is EXTORTION & can get the attorney disbarred! File a complaint with the bar association too. You really have little to lose at this point. He's demanding more than you took & that you drop a valid suit against him in exchange for him not filing charges. I expect he'll file charges anyway & it will all come out.

This is not legal advice and you are not my client. Double check everything with your own attorney and your state's laws.

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