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Dire Painful Condition, Doctors Unwilling

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When I go to the ER I specifically ask for no opiates as the dosages available just hurt me more than help. I just ask for fluids and IV anti emetics and anti-convulsants. I have humored many doctors with the meds they prescribe, I've tried all but one of the meds they suggested for at least 60 days, one medicine made me have 3 suicide attempts, (remember I go up to 5 days without sleep and that effects the ways the meds act), another med made me believe very strange things. I stayed on the med that caused the suicide attempts for 7 months, even after the first and second attempt, I tried. I give them a fair shot. I even let them shoot me up with 5g of solu medrol in the ER, just to humor them, even though It caused increased pain. Whenever they claim I'm not cooperative, I say that I will give an honest try to their ideas which is usually 3 months or more. I persevere through some of the worst side effects in hope of reduced pain. When i couldn't give blood because I'd been to the ER so many times I now let them draw from my jugulars. The fact is that in over 10+ years of suffering i have tried many medications, and they either don't work, don't work with nasty side effects, or barely work, but with worse side effects. I've gone through 5 lumbar punctures from 4 neurologists and an ER doc.

Multiple neurologists have fought to keep my case. I've been told many times that I likely have at least 3 very rare or possibly undiscovered diseases by multiple doctors, this is why I feel she wants to keep me as a trophy.

Please don't stereotype me as an unwilling patient. I can barely crawl out of bed to the bathroom, (I vomit over 6 times a day on avg) a shower is a very anxious and painful experience and it's frustrating.

To whoever said they doubt she threatened me, she said that she would make sure I couldn't get into another hospital of Vandy's standing like mayo or the like and would write a poor reference for my disability case. This is why I'm afraid. When I piss her off she seems to withhold refills, by just a few days, but enough to notice. All of my RXs from her are set up where they have to authorize the refill. The neuros i've seen on the QT basically said that they wouldn't do anything more than she's doing.

Is it legal to record my appointment or make a log of this behavior? I just don't want to be screwed. I don't want a lawsuit, I just want my meds on a prompt schedule, and decent treatment. Sad thing is, this is the best treatment I've gotten in years so I'm afraid to leave if she'll make it difficult for me to get into a similar institution. Thanks for your help again.
You can create a log of your treatments. In fact, it would be a good idea to do so.

If you want to record your visits with your doctor, ask your doctor if you can do so. It often can help to record appointments so you don't forget what the doctor has said.

See another doctor or two for additional opinions.

I do not see any legal issue here.

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