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What is the name of your state? Texas
I will try to make this brief. I have been advised I have been disinherited from my father's estate due to his anger with me that I exposed his sexual abuse to myself and others. I raised my two brothers as we had a succession of 8 step mothers due to his wife/child beating, sexual abuse habits. I was the one always left to pick up the pieces. No childhood....always the mother, housekeeper, etc. His estate is substantial, my brohters have lined up behind him as they do not want to be disinherited and have told me that will not be willing to share even though it would be the fair thing to do. Is there any recourse for me and how quickly must I act once he passes which may happen within the next year or so due to a long illness. He will not speak to me and neither will my brothers. I am isolated from all family members and have no allies.
Any advice would be appreciated.

Dandy Don

Senior Member
Unfortunately you have no recouse, since he has the right to disinherit if that is his wish. How sad that he doesn't even love you enough to want to provide for you.

I applaud your courage in doing the morally right thing in exposing his abuse and making him face the consequences. You would do well not to bring up this matter with him or anyone else as it would only aggravate the situation--there is no automatic right to inherit.


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Thank you for your reply and honesty. That was the answer I was expecting, but was curious if I was wrong. You are right that it is sad that he doesn't appreciate or love me after all the "clean up" I've had to do for him during my life, but he is a man of no concience or love which is testiment to his lack of ability to keep a wife. He has always had me as backup and only because I was stuck and afraid of him. I learned a long time ago that life is unfair, but you just have to keep going and do the best you can. Maybe my brothers will have a change of heart once they are out from uder his control. Thanks again!


Please don't think this is a stupid idea - but - have you considered suing him for the sexual abuse? It may be one way to get some of the inheritance, or he may settle out of court.


Junior Member
Thank you for you input! I don't think it's a stupid idea at all. I've thought about it, but haven't followed up on it. I don't know if the money is worth putting myself through all the horrible memories I would have to tell over and over again. However, I am going to put some serious thought into this option. Thank you very much for giving me a reason to focus more on this idea.


I feel for you. most people need peace more than money. more than anything else I wish you that. if you get it, that might help the relationships with your brothers heal so that they do the right thing after the creep is gone.

if you haven't, i suggest you pray for peace, a lot.


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Thank you for your concern and kind words. You are correct, you cannot put a price tag on peace and that is really what I need and want. If he hasn't completely corrupted my brothers, I am hopeful they will remember what we all suffered and do the right thing after he is gone. They were good boys once and we were close when growing up. I will pray for them and myself for peace.


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"Is there any recourse for me and how quickly must I act once he passes"
*** In order to protect spouses and dependent children, some states prevent a person from entirely disinheriting a spouse or child without the consent of the one who is disinherited. Under Texas law, however, a person may disinherit any heir, including a spouse or dependent child. Therefore, assuming all other provisions of the will are in compliance with Texas laws, your being disinherited would likely stand as valid. In any case, I would be sure to get a copy of any will that is filed (public record from the probate court) and have a competent attorney review it to see if there is anything that might be of benefit to your attempts at equity.

Best of luck. You may have to accept that the best 'inheritance' you could have gotten was to get away from him.

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