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"disown" parents; grandparents adopt?

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Hi, my name is Brittany, and I live in Houston, TX. I am a fifteen years old, and a junior in high school. I am graduating early, and I will be attending college very soon. My parents are trying to make me move to CO. with them. For reasons along with that, I am tired of them. I practically grew up with my grandparents, and I would like to know if there is a legal way to "disown" your parents, and have my grandparents adopt me.

My friend told me that my grandparents would have to take me down to the courthouse and have me fill out a kind of divorce paper. I am curious to know if that is true.

Any help will be grateful, for I am on a clock and I need to know very soon.

::In desperate NEED:: Brittany :rolleyes:


It won't be that easy. First your grandparents need to go to the court house saying they want to adopt you. Then you all will have to go to court, which will probably last several weeks. The court will need to find good reason as to your grandparents should be aloud to adopt you and so on.

If nothing is found, then the court will make you stay with your parents. And sense your a minor you wont have much of a choice.

However once you turn 16 you can try to emancipate yourself from your parents, but in order for that to happen you must be able to support yourself 100%, meaning you would be living alone and paying rent, and for everything else.

What reason, beside being tired of your parents, that you want to disown them?


I'm a Northern Girl
The court will need to find good reason as to your grandparents should be aloud to adopt you

And believe me, that reason will have to be GOOD. "I don't want to move to Colorado" isn't going to cut it. Neither will, "My parents monitor my friends and my grades and don't let me have the amount of freedom I think I ought to have, and my grandparents let me live my own life".

Now, if your parents are beating you, starving you, and keeping you out of school to run drugs for them, then maybe.

So, tell us about your reasons?


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RE: "disown parents"; grandparents adopt


Thanks for the advice, though it was not I wanted to hear. No, my parents don't beat me, starve me, or have me home from school to sell drugs. My parents aren't cool enough to do ANYTHING wrong...haha joke, don't take that seriously please.

Anyways, the fact that 'I don't want to move' is not the reason I would like to have my grandparets adopt me. Trust me too, my grandparents have a tighter leash on me than my parents. I sneak around with my parents, but my grandparents know EVERYTHING I have ever done, tried, who I am with, where I am, and what I am doing ALWAYS. I can tell them anything without them judging me. Hell, I am not saying that I get away with stuff because I don't, I am just saying that I am not afraid to tell them the truth.

My main reason to have my grandparents adopt me is so I can take care of them. They aren't in the best of health, and they will have no one to help them if they needed it. Both their sons will be away. My dad, will be in CO, and my uncle lives in Canada. We have no other family here. If I stayed, I would be able to help them out with so many things. Helping them with their bills would be one of them too.

My next reason is school. I am almost out of high school, and in one of the repiles, I believe it said something about 'parents not leaving me alone about grades'. Grades isn't a problem. I have good grades and they aren't breathing down my neck over them. I am going to college down here in TX, I even have a scholarship that will pay for it too.

Well, again your replies would be grateful.

Thanks, Brittany


Your grandparents can try, but seeing as how you said they aren't in the greatest health, chances are the court wont grant the request. Your only option is talking with your parents and seeing if there is something you can work out.

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