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Does this letter to LL sound OK?

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What is the name of your state? Mississippi


This is a reminder of the improvements of which we spoke needed for the property located at XXXXX. Please tend to these repairs as soon as possible. Necessary improvements are as follows:

* Phone wiring must be repaired by the phone company, and a phone jack must be installed. A BellSouth technician has examined the house and indicated to me that the interior house wiring is faulty and must be replaced.
* Bathtub drain is not functional.
* Several light switches and electrical outlets are broken, have no ground, have hazardously exposed wiring, and/or are otherwise unusable.
* Gas stove is dangerously hot when not in use, and presents a possible safety risk and fire hazard.

Please arrange for these matters to be taken care of as soon as possible, and feel free to contact me at any of the phone numbers or e-mail addresses given to setup a date on which maintenance can be conducted. I would be more than happy to handle any of these matters myself and deduct the price of repairs from next month's rent. Let me know if you would like to handle any of these matters in such a fashion.



--this is the letter i am going to send RRR to my LL...i just wanted a second opinion before i mail it...never done this before...


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also let me clarify that all of these problems were present at inception of the lease, and the "obligations of LL" part of MS code says "same condition as at inception of lease"...does this mean im screwed?


The gas stove is a problem, the pilot light is too high causing the top to get real hot...simple adjutment, but it would be better to get a repairman over to do t.

Light switches/outlets too are a bad sign, if the screws are stripped then an electrician is needed to put in new boxes/switches so they will work, and not short out and cause a fire.

NOW would be a great time to get renters insurance to protect your stuff, since you are responsible for your stuff if it gets damaged.

Bathtub is slow...go to HOME DEPOT and get a big jug of Draino MAX, about $10, that should cure the slow tub...some of this stuff you will have to learn how do yourself.

The landlord is reqired to have ONE woking phone outlet anything more is usually your responsibility.

And yes the deuct and reapir could be used if the landlord does not fix the problems...

SEE what a lease can do for you....if you had no lease (month to month) you could not do this.


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Sounds okay to me..... however, I would add some deadline to the repairs..... like "I believe it it reasonable to expect to hear of your plan to make the listed repairs within the next 3 to 4 days."

You might also want to site Mississippi Code, Section 89-8-15 (deductions for repairs) which reads:
"Sec. 89-8-15. Repair of defects
(1) If, within thirty (30) days after written notice to the landlord of a specific and material defect which constitutes a breach of the terms of the rental agreement or of the obligation of the landlord under Section 89-8-23, the landlord fails to repair such defect, the tenant:
(a) May repair such defect himself; and
(b) Except as otherwise provided in subsection (2) of this section, shall be entitled to reimbursement of the expenses of such repairs within forty-five (45) days after submission to the landlord of receipted bills for such work, provided that:
(i) The tenant has fulfilled his affirmative obligations under Section 89-8-25;
(ii) The expenses incurred in making such repairs do not exceed an amount equal to one (1) month's rent;
(iii) The tenant has not exercised the remedy provided by this section in the six (6) months immediately preceding; and
(iv) The tenant is current in his rental payment.
(2) A tenant shall not be entitled to be reimbursed for repairs made pursuant to this section in an amount greater than the usual and customary charge for such repairs.
(3) Before correcting a condition affecting facilities shared by more than one (1) dwelling unit, the tenant shall notify all other tenants sharing such facilities of his plans and shall so arrange the work as to create the least practicable inconvenience to the other tenants.
(4) The cost of repairs made by a tenant pursuant to this section may be offset against future rent.
(5) No provision of this section shall be construed to grant a lien against the real property. "
Source: http://www.mslawyer2.com/statutes/landlord.html


(ii) The expenses incurred in making such repairs do not exceed an amount equal to one (1)month's rent;

This could be a problem if your rent is real low.


Junior Member
thanks for the replies but let me clarify:

the phone i speak of IS the only outlet, but it does "work" enough for me to make staticy calls, but not enough to hold an internet connection, which is needed for my work...does this merit LL responsibility? and the tub drain is not slow, the lever is broken in the closed position, you have to hold it down for it to drain...as far as doing things myself, i feel that as long as i pay rent (which i have never been late on) there isnt a damn thing i should do towards the maintenance of the house (dont get me wrong, i keep the house clean, but i dont think i should pay for repairs unless i break something, whether its $90 for phone wiring or $1.50 for an outlet cover,) after all, isnt that what renting is about?

here is another potentially sticky detail...my girlfriend lived here first with a lease, when i moved in the LL wrote me a lease separately, with no rent mentioned (basically the rent is legally up to my g/f, but i am also responsible for the property)...since repair and deduct depends on amount of rent, does this mean the letter will have to be signed by my g/f and not me to avoid some loophole? (i once thought about having my g/f find a way to legally end her lease early, and then live with me through the remainder of mine which has no rent HA! just kidding, i dont mean my LL any harm, i just want a reasonable dwelling where i can use the internet, have a 3-prong electrical outlet, and not have to worry about burning myself because i accidentally touched the top of the stove when it was turned off)

thanks again

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