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Dog Daze

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What is the name of your state?Florida

I do not live in Miami-Dade County. I own two Pit-Bull terriers. I know most people wouldn't believe me, but they've never bit anyone and wouldn't hurt a fly (he might hurt a rabbit or a squirrel. . .) I know that neither my insurance company (nor most any) would sell me homeowners insurance if I disclosed the actual breed of my dog. Or, it would be cost-prohibitive for this HUD homeowner. I am an educated and professional exotic animal trainer. I have knowledge of dog behavior and years of animal care and training experience. My vetrenarian listed both dogs as a cross-breed (not staffordshire, not bulldog, another breed) She did this because she knows my boss, and she knows my dogs, how my dogs are kept, how well they behave, what they do when they don't behave, etc. My point is she took a personal liability in listing these dogs as another breed for me. So...

Barring a dog related injury/attack, whatever. If the insurance company were to somehow see my dogs and know their breed, or ask my neighbors, etc. etc. would the vet's word that they are not pitbulls stand up in court?

Thank you Kindly.

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Property Inspection

Your vet may have listed them as cross-breeds, but would she/he actually be willing to lie in court for you should the matter come up?

My advice would be not to worry about it until the carrier contacts you, if they even do. They might do an inspection of your property and see the dogs outside, then they'll contact you if they think they might be pit bulls. You'll just have to bite the bullet if they non-renew or cancel your policy. Best thing to do at that point is properly disclose them as pit bulls and pay the higher premium. That's one of the pitfalls (excuse the pun) of having pit bulls.

How do I know? On the one hand, I'm an insurance agent who isn't so stupid that I can't recognize a pit bull when I see one. On the other hand, I personally have bull mastiffs, which are another "bad" breed. And yes, I'm currently waiting to see if my carrier catches it or not.


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You folks are lucky... I have no idea in heck, what my dog is. :confused:
I am tempted to buy a house, apply for insurance just to get an agent to
tell me what the bleep she is!!!! :(


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thank you both for your responses. I appreciate the opinion of an agent in a similar situation (who also probably knows his dogs are awesome!).

I also appreciate the pun :)

as a side note. I met a couple a few years back who owned a little pit bull lady. THe woman was a licensed agent for one of the largest insurance firms. She took the straight up approach with her employer, looking for insurance, and they denied her coverage! You know, the american dream is dead. THese days, no company will let you stick around 20 or 30 years, let alone give youa pension. And if you have been there for 10 or more years already, well you're lucky they haven't fired you yet to teach 3 morons to do your job for 2/3 the money! Used to be companies took care of old timers. loyalty was rewarded and appreciated, not demanded and contractual. oh sheesh I must be on the wrong website....


You will be fine as long as you never have a claim. When you do have a claim it will be denied since you made a material misrepresentation on your application.

Get rid of the dog, change insurers or be prepared for personal exposure to the liability.


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