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Drug Investigations

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What is the name of your state? What is the name of your state? wyoming

DCI recently began a drug investigation on a friend & they've been watching his house & following him every where he goes. They have also started following people he has contact with. I heard that if a person is being investigated, DCI has 72 hours to either make an arrest or make contact & question the people under investigation, otherwise it becomes harassment. Is this true? And if it is true, how does one go about proving they are being harassed? Is there a time limit on investigations? When does it become harassment? Should this friend get a lawyer?
Also is it true that cops/DCI can only follow a person for a certain amount of time or miles then they have to either pull you over or stop following?
I'd appreciate any factual information about this A.S.A.P. Thanx!



:( :confused: So no one has any clue about this at all? No one even has an opinion, maybe? These investigators are on him 24/7, they even have his phone & possibly his house bugged since they are already at the places he is going. Therefore, he has no privacy whatsoever at all. This has been going on for over 3 weeks now. I say they should either arrest him, question him, or leave him alone if they don't have any evidence. Do we not have any rights any more? Why is it ok for them to break laws during investigations but everyone else gets punished?
Our government is run by a bunch of hypocrites. !:mad:
I would appreciate any kind of feed back on this. Thank-You


Senior Member
have your friend see an attorney.

Have your friend check out his house to see if its bugged.

Are the police making themselves known to your friend or are they just at places your friend goes to?


Alright....I'll give you an opinion.

One of three things are happening here. Either -

1. Your friend has delusions of persecution and is a bit paranoid.
2. The investigators are really, really poor at surveillance.
3. The investigators are intentionally making themselves known in an attempt to get your friend to trip up.

Most likely it's number 1.

Chances are that if the investigators are "everywhere" he goes, they are making no attempts to conceal themselves....so I doubt number 2. It could be number 3, but in drug investigations that wouldn't seem to be a very effective tactic.

Also, while I guess anything is possible, this "72 hour rule" seems a bit assinine, and I doubt it exists. You really would have to check with someone familiar with Wyoming law (preferably an attorney) to find out.

I doubt it could be construed as harassment, even if there is some time regulation. Harassment is usually described as repeated actions having NO LEGITIMATE PURPOSE. You see, a drug investigation does constitute a legitimate purpose under the law.

Same with following someone.........It depends upon the intent. If they follow him with the intent to harass him and nothing more, then maybe you could claim harassment. If they are conducting surveillance (and like I said...poor surveillance at that), then their intent isn't to harass him....therefore no harassment is taking place. I highly doubt that there exists some arbitrary time or distance limit.

In reference to your second post, care to explain what rights they have violated or laws they have broken??? You should at least be able to back up serious accusations such as those with factual knowledge...not what you THINK the law is.........


Is your ''freind'' so involved with drugs that the police would be investigating him ? or is he doing so many drugs that he's now parinoid?. Kathie

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