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Senior Member
okay guys need lots of help on this one.

email account established in my name with a local provider and several nasty emails sent from the account. i did not establish the account. the problem that i have? emails have been submitted as evidence in my hearing.

okay, called the provider. account established in january, account addressed with my home address - although billing was not sent to address at parties request. was paid in cash and closed out the day of court - convenient, huh?

email account info, was similiar to a past account that i had about 2 years ago in home state. father-in-law worked for provider.

how do i prove that i did not have the account and i did not send the emails? already checked with the provider, they only log id and passwords, no ISP numbers or telephone numbers are logged at the time of log in.


Amber, is there any way you could go back to the provider and find out who at the company took the cash payment? There must be a reciept kept by the company?! Just a thought, good luck!


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i checked with the girl at the counter this morning. she stated that a female had come in to establish the account. she couldn't really give a description of the girl because it had been so long ago.

she stated that the account was set up with my name and mailing address, but they requested bills not be sent to the home. they have received payment every month by cash or money order. that would mean 5 payments have been made on the account - which coincidentally, my ex admitted to 5 trips down here to "check on his children". (Oh yeah, he never once saw his children on his trips, he didn't want to cause any problems down here.)

I have a copy of the billing history. Ne real information that can be used from receipts.


What about tracking numbers on the money orders? Could you possibly find out where they were purchased?


Senior Member
Ambr, with the information you have, there is enough to create reasonable doubt. You could also show a pattern of paying for other items via credit card/check etc and never using cash. Get copies of the emails and compare to your own writting, highlight differences in style.

If they have already used the emails in court, what happened?

I am surprised that the ISP does not log anything.. that is extremely unusual.


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Silent Walker said:
Dear Ambr.

I had a similar situation most recently the e-mails were allowed to be discussed but not into evidence as they were greatly tampered with. This legal site was also brought into court with my questions about my personal situation. All in all the whole thing was rather childish and the Judge saw thru my ex's attempts to make things seem as they were not. If you would like you can e-mail me for more information as these people continue to post to this board with their lies and inacurracies.


Senior Member
The only log in information that is provided to them is a list of IDs and the times they have logged on and off during the day. that's it. doesn't make much sense to me because our server at work details IP addresses along with telephone information.

i am working on the comparisons in writing techniques. i am definitely not the ENGLISH major, but some of the sentences that are used are a joke. their is even one email that is suppose to be from the children. it was written at 11:30 at night - on a school night to boot - but it stated, "Please make mommy bring us home. We want to live with you." First off, the kids are pretty good with computers, but not capable of logging in, getting the email program going and sending this to their dad. and definitely not sentences that a kid would use. and i really doubt that i would type anything similiar to that and send to their dad.

according to the tech support, their ISP only looks the user ids that are logged in during that day. i asked if they could print a history of the account, dates and times and durations that they id was logged in and they stated no. if i gave them a specific date they could check and see if it was logged, but nothing else.

sounds too screwey to me.


Senior Member
LegalBeagle said:

If they have already used the emails in court, what happened?
that was the only damaging thing that he had. we don't know the true affects or damage as of yet. the judge is taking everything into consideration and should issue his ruling within 7-14 days.

we tried to establish that once an email has been opened, that it can be altered. not to mention that the print outs (which he said were printed the day they were received) looks like a word format program. the bottom left corner shows a date which doesn't agree with the date sent.

if the program prints the date it was printed, shouldn't it agree with the date sent on the email? his claim to this was that the clock and date time on his computer was stuck and the same date appeared each time he printed. (the dates were the same on the bottom corner on each email.)


date on email

Ambr - my email printouts have two dates: one that is in the body of the email states "sent: may 23, 2001, 10:15AM" for example and also has a date on the top right hand corner which is the date & time I actually printed the email out... Does that help at all? I don't think every program's like that but I used MS outlook express and that's what happens when I print. Just FYI.

Grandma B

Good luck, Ambr! Hopefully you have a judge with at least some "cyber smarts". He should be able to smell something rotten in all this.

I hate to see children involved in court, but they could certainly shed some light on the subject of whether they did/did not send the e-mails attributed to them.


Senior Member
have located original emails that he had altered. shows the date sent, along with a three sentence email, the same email that he has has been stretched into 3 small paragraphs.

everyone sees how i write. usually all small letters - it's just quicker that way. occasionally throwing in a Capitol letter every once in a while. and i love my -'s his emails look nothing like that.

also, the emails from my kids are addressed to him and typed like they are talking with him. then their names signed at the bottom. his emails read that xxxxxx says.... and then another paragraph that reads xxxxx says.... and no signatures at all.

another thing. they said that all of the emails were sent from and printed out of the same computer email program. when you address it and you type in Sam on the TO: part. when they are in your address book it automatically addresses like TO: "Sam" <[email protected]> and everytime it is like that, right? their emails sometimes say "Sam" <[email protected]> and sometimes says "Sam Jones" <[email protected]> and sometimes just "Sam"

if they are not listed in the address book, it just reads this email address like <[email protected]>

that doesn't sound right. shouldn't it be uniform and be the same everytime.

another thing. if you knew that you would be using these in court, wouldn't you make sure that the date was fixed? a member of the family does that for a living. you would want them perfect. wouldn't you send one of those return receipt emails? i received one and that was it.

another thing. they were suppose to use MS Outlook. When an email is printed from MS Outlook - on my work account and my home account - it prints my name across the top with a big underline bar and then prints the email out. they have some like that and some just show the TO and FROM, etc and the body of the email.

it's just not uniform to have been from the same account and computer.

the judge is a little familiar with computers and email programs. not alot.


Hi Ambr, sorry to hear about all of this confusion from your stupid X.

I just printed an email out of MS outlook and it does have my name at the top with big letters and then the email. FYI.



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that seems to be the general opinions of most of the people that i have talked with. we are talking with our computer people trying to get them to submit a "professional opinion" on the emails. since the judge hasn't offered a judgement yet there is the possibility of re-opening.

we are giving it a try.

keep us in your prayers.


Senior Member
i am trying to locate websites that have information on emails. i can't find anything.

i want to find something that shows emails being used in a hearing - checked for case opinions, nothing - or security problems with emails. also anything that could show that they are not valid enough to use as evidence.


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