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Employement Law

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Fo fifteen years I was employed as a mailman for the U.S. Postal Service. For forteen of those years I would perfofrm a certain task, which was sorting flats (magizines etc.), by placing them in my right hand and sorting them with my left. My dominant hand is my left hand and after forteen years my supervisors ordered me to to now sort them with my right. I consulted with my union but was told if I didn,t do it this way that I would be suspended. From that moment on my supervisors began watching me. Because I was being forced to use my other hand I was now slower, but to them I was expected to move the same amount of mail in the same amount of time. So each day I was constantly being hassled about time.I really don't
understand what was the purpose of this ruling. There reason was that it was in the postal manual,which to me the way that it is written seems more like a example than a rule.This first started in Jan of 1996. By Sept. of 96 I was timed in a test to seee if I was meeting standard. This was a foot of mail for every 15 minutes. Before all this started I was one of the fastest if not the fastest carriers in the station. I was a outstanding employee. I've actually won awards for my service. But at this point it seemed that they were intent on making it seem that I was inefficent. Eventhough I was sorting at standard they then came to me and said that I had this little nervous tap and if I didn't stop doing that they would suspend me. I was constantly being yelled at watch and harassed. As a result of this I loss weight, I couln't sleep and it ultimately result in me pushing my supervisor.The actual act still to this day I have no recognition of. They Had a witness that said that I pushed her. So from this we get the Postal Inspector involved. I was imediately put on leave without pay indefinately. As a result of this I had to go to Federal Court and was charged wih a misdemenor. Things got really touigh for me. I could not draw unemployment and could not find a job, so the only chose that I had was to resign fron the Postal Service and to get what I had contributed to my pension. So I had to go to court and they wanted to give me a felony but they end up giving me a misdemenour, with 5 years of probation and 300 hours of community service. This all happen back in the fall of 96 and I'm not sure of the statue of limitations, but my question is do I have any grounds to sue the Poast Office for harrassment. There a little bit more to this story and I know I was wrong for pushing my supervisor , if thats what I did, but I kinder feel that all this was created by them. I trying to get on with my life but before I can move on I have to know is there anything that I can do.



Unfortunately I do not know the answer to your question off the top of my head. You should try to contact a labor lawyer that handles public employee issues exclusively, or nearly so. The reason being is that private employee cases are quite different from public employee ones. Try to find one at attorneypages.com

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