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Equality Rights

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Junior Member
What is the name of your state? Indiana

I am looking for information regarding worker equality. Or maybe I just need a new job. Either or here is the Situation.

Write up: Attendance I recieved a write up and warning for using my Personal Sick and vacation days. I was told that I needed to be there regardless.

No other employee has recieved a write up or written warning.

Write up: Poor Workmanship Received written warning in regards to poor work performance. I bust my butt every day, all day. Any employee will say that.

Problem: Boss and regional have me doing SOO many different things outside of my job where I am not qualified to perform that MY job doesn't get done. Then I get warnings about my job not being done or not done properly.

Employee Responsabilities It is important that each employee keeps their designated areas clear and free of clutter, it is also 'Service operating Procedure' to keep paperwork in certain areas of the office as well as the desk areas.

Problem: If a Technician decides to make a mess they can do so. Each time they do I am told to stop what I am doing and clean up their mess. This is not little things like take out the trash, fold up a box type of things. We have paperwork that if it gets lost, trashed, or misplaced, then things just don't get done. The technicians know this yet the Regional makes me take responsability over it and says nothing to the tecnician.

Daily operations: overtime is an option, not mandatory. Technicians can come and go as they please, if they are late no big deal, if they leave early no problem. If im 5mins late, its a lecture. If a technician wants to stay late then they can, or go home early that is fine as well. Also technicians are allowed to take lunches and breaks at any given time they choose to do so. As far as me, I am on a set schedule.. I am not allowed to vere from it.. I must take lunches at noon each day and not later.. If I miss the noon lunchtime.. I don't get the chance to go. I don't mind overtime, I do like the extra money, though I would like the decision to work it or not, last night I was ready to leave and my regional said to me "you can't leave till you get this <job> done".. The job is something I am not qualified for, nor is it in my position description. So I was forced to stay over and do somebody elses job yet again.

Not only is this a pain, it is the every 10 min barrage of questions "What are you doing?" Im entereing work orders "why" It's my job. "How long is that going to take" Usually 1.5hrs.. 10mins later "What are you doing" Im entering work orders "Still" I told you it takes time, want me to do it quick and correctly or do you want me to burst through with mistakes. "Just let me know when you are done".. 10mins "Arent you done yet?" AHHHHHHHH

I took a sick day today, I'm too stressed.. and I know that when I get in weds that my job won't be touched.. and I will walk in to a battlefield of people wanting me to do something for them. I can't quit yet as I need the income.. Though seeking another employer takes time as well.

Sorry about some of this. I guess I needed to vent a little as well..

Oh and my title is administrative assistant. If I get fired for saying no I can't do that job that I am unqualified for, or for not letting them put the responsabilities of the technicians in my hands, or for using my Personal Sick days or my vacation days or for not being able to do my job because my boss has me doing everything but my job.. where do I stand?


Senior Member
You need to find a new job. There are no laws that require employers to treat all employees equally. While I understand you don't care for the fact that you are treated differently than the technicians, there may be a valid business reason for them to do so. Different "categories" of employees often have different work rules or expectations.

The bottom line is that no laws are being violated. If you don't care for the terms of your employment, you are free to find a new job elsewhere. Good luck.


Junior Member

Ok, I understand everything as being - ok they can do that - what I don't understand is how they can force me to do a job I am unqualified for..

example: a few months ago I was told to work on a television set. I was to change out the picture tube..

now a picture tube can hold a good 20k volts I think.. maybe more.. but a technician told me it would knock me on my rear end.. or in people with heart problems such as myself it could kill a person..

I dug into the tv before knowing all this.. I figured fine.. they told me to do it.. i'll do it..

In the end I came to realize that they are toying with my life!!! and there is no LAW for that?!? They can really do that?! I can get killed at work doing things I have NO knowledge of and they can get away with it? That to me can not be right..


Senior Member
what I don't understand is how they can force me to do a job I am unqualified for.. Because your employer can require you to do any job they wish provided it's not illegal or patently unsafe. If you think your employer is asking you to handle duties that are hazardous because you're not trained or qualified to do them, contact OSHA.

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