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false accusations of sexually misconduct

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My 18 year old son is a multiple-handicapped student attending special-ed classes in the same public school for the past 8 years.Attending the same school is a handicapped girl that my son has known for 16 years.Last year this girl wanted my son to become more then freinds with her.My son declined on the basis that he did not want to ruin their long time friendship.With in the last 2 months my son has begun a relationship with another handicapped girl whom he refers to as his girlfriend.She is not in his school but he met her through another handicapped friend.She has been to our home on one occassion.The rest of their relationship has been over the phone.Both girls know each other through the same boces program they attend.They do not care for each other.Recently the long-time friend had begun to run into my sons legs with her wheel chair every chance she got.Last wednesday my son lost his patience with this and told her if she did it again he would pour his soda on her.A day or so later this girl told a teacher that my son had sexually molested her by feeling her breasts and between her legs.This information was passed along to the principal who spoke with my son.The principal also called the girls parents who said they were not going to press charges this time but that if my son did it again they would.The principal has confessed to both my son and I that he beleives my son is innocent.When she was asked why she had not reported this incident immediately she said she was embarrassed.Yet that same day my son was bombarded by students asking him if he did it,why he did it,called names,etc.Obviously this girl was not too embarressed to inform everyone she could that day of her accusation.Since that day she has continued to openly discus this issue without any embarrassement.She badgers my sons girlfriend during school and has called my sons girlfreind at home to tell her to break up with him because he did this.She is obviously having a wonderful time and my son is totally devastated by all this.He has cried over this and has considered not returning to school.He does not want any one to know what he was accused of,does not want anyone talking about it, just wants it to go away.Because his cerebral palsy has affected him mentally as well as physically, he does not totally understand the reality of this situation.He thinks if he takes a lie detector test and is found to be truthful that this will end the problem.The facts are that my son only sees her when they are leaving school to get their buses home.They are not on the same bus.In order for my son to have done this it would have to have been done in plain veiw of all the other students going to their buses.There is also the matter of my sons disability and his physical ability to bend over her wheel chair,touch her breasts,and then between her legs without it affecting his balance.He uses crutches to assist in his support, balance, gait and coordination .My problem is I do not know how to proceed to legally protect my son.There are no charges filed against my son at this time.I thought about placing a police report against this girl for making false allegations, but I am worried that this might open up something that did not have to be opened and subject my son to even more mental anguish.On the other hand he is pretty much at her mercy right now since she is obviously enjoying this little cherade and dragging it out for her own satisfaction and very capable of placing another accusation against him.My sons reputation is being tarnished by this little game of hers.Not only are students discussing this but teachers and staff members must certainly be discussing it as well.The emotional affect this is having on my son is devastating.Any advice or insight into this dilema will be greatly appreciated.

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