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False legal help left me homeless

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I was being evicted due to a dispute over unfair increase in past due wages from late fees that was caused from being a little short on rent and had made sure I had calculated to pay off asap,they sent me a paper with the amount they were expecting and I called them to let them know I had the money and was going to pay.
I was told by the realtors that they had started an Unlawful detainer process and now the amount is what I owed plus an extra $890.00,which work has been slow,I barely have made ends meet is why I was short on my rent maybe 2-3 times by only $60.00 each time with ever interest to get it back to them when I possibly can;even after I was sending in the full amount of rent letting them know I am still giving my 100% to make up for those few under payments,they said well I better get packing,I was panicking because I have no family here in town and don't really have friends since me and my wife are the best of friends even after 13yrs. we've been together,I couldn't possibly find an apartment in such short notice,I decided to try and get legal help.
I went online and the first place the internet directed me to was a page called XXX .com where they advertise a guarantee to get you extra time on the eviction deadline for four months with one flat rate, including taking care of the court process and prevent harassment from the manager or landlord as well as no lock out.
I was willing to do it because I didn't want to cause no trouble,I never did cause no trouble in the apartment as long as I lived there but since my neighbors were rowdy they automatically place me as part of the delinquency anyways but like I said I was always spending time with my kids and wife, didn't even really know my neighbors to well,all I wanted was enough time to find me another apartment.
So I called the XXX people from the number they have on there site although I thought it was unusual the site said speak to a live representative 24/7 but when I called it was a automated recording with the company advertising pitch and requested me to leave my name and number and to stay by the phone they will call me within 10-15min. so I do as requested and they called me back within 6min.
It was some guy named kieth he never really said his last name because he claimed he wants to help and mainly has my family's best interest in mind because he didn't want us out on the streets,so we can be on a first name basis since we're going to be working on this together.
It was real convincing of a pitch since kieth was so polite and walked me through the process and explained what the service provides and guaranteed to get me 4 extra months time without having to do nothing so that I can focus on finding another apartment without any worry.
It sounded like more time than what I needed but I didn't want to take the chance of my family being homeless and on the streets,so I agreed to hiring their services for the flat rate of $400.00.
They instructed me to wire the money through Wells Fargo Bank
and that he'll start the paperwork now before I even sent the payment then gave me his personal direct phone line so we can keep in contact in case something new came up with the management.
I even wrote the information down wrong a little and text him and said I needed the information again and he called me right back not even 2 minutes and politely apologize if he was being to confusing to understand and I let him know it wasn't his fault I was just nervous and under a lot of stress,he kindly explained the process again and I made sure I got the information down correctly,and thanked him for the help,I just wanted to find another apartment as quickly as possible,so to not cause any inconvenience for anyone I started looking for an apartment immediately, kieth even called the next morning to see if I understood the instructions and if I needed to hear any part of the process again, I thanked him and told him I got it covered and was heading downtown to the bank that afternoon and also thanked him for everything I told him if it wasn't for this help I didn't know what my family would have done.
Don't mention it he replied...l really shouldn't have;he also said for the final step of the business process to get the paperwork in to motion and do what it was suppose to do,that I had to take a picture of the bank receipt and picture text it to them for their filing record, I said sure no problem!
Made to the bank then sent the money took a picture of the receipt and picture text it to him with a message saying that it's done kieth,then I sent a text to let me know if that was it on my part or was there anything else I need to do?
I got home started cleaning up and getting ready to pack,no reply from kieth...
Started to apartment search and checked my phone,no reply from kieth,so I messaged him and asked are we good kieth did it all go through?
No reply...so I called his direct phone line and it gave me the same automated message I got when I called the very first time stating to leave my name and number and they will call me back within the next 10-15min. to stay by the phone!
I left countless messages say I need to talk to Kieth and who I am and my number,but every time I called I kept getting the automated recording.
That's when my nightmare came to reality when I open the door and posted on it was a paper stating I had lost the Unlawful detainer hearing by default,there never was any paperwork processed in my answer to the Unlawful detainer,they never sent a lawyer to court to represent me, they where not correct I find out looking it up online it states lawyer or no lawyer I had to show up to court when filling an answer to the Unlawful detainer,they did nothing that they said they where going to do,and now I have only 5 days to get what's sentimental to me before me and my wife and my 13yro autism sun find ourselves wondering the streets,and I am now going through depression because that was mainly all my funds I had for now and to think there's businesses that would pray on family's when there that have only them to help,and leave them helpless and homeless just to scam them out of what little cash they have left and till this day they don't pick up the phone or reply to my messages and
the I'm scrambling to find an apartment before the sheriff comes to lock us out.
My question is what if any action should I take, still in mind I'm extremely low on funds and stressed on borrowed time would be best for me?
Thank you for your time.
You really should have added your questions to your thread already in progress in the Landlord/Tenant section of the forum: https://forum.freeadvice.com/landlord-tenant-issues-42/unusual-tenant-property-realty-lease-inquiry-638292.html

You might find some free legal assistance at a landlord-tenant clinic in your area. These are often connected to or with law schools.

You can/should report the "eviction help" website to your state's attorney general. It appears you were scammed. If you provided bank account information to the website, contact your bank and place a fraud alert on it so additional funds cannot be withdrawn without your authorization.

Good luck.
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