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filed complaint with HR

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I filed a complaint with my company's HR dept against a man who's suppose to be my direct supervisor in the near future.

Here's the short version:
1. In one conversation he asked me if I am planning to have any children, and a subtle request for reassuring him there wouldn't be any accidents leading into a conversation about my personal method of birth control.

2. Another conversation soon after he made inappropriate remarks regarding the zipper on my shirt.

I documented all of it. The HR director talked to the man and I was told a writen warning would be given.

Although this man has apologized to me and in the same breath of his apology said that's "just the way he is" but that he doesn't mean anything by it, I just have a bad feeling about this whole thing. I'm suppose to start reporting to this man as my direct supervisor within the next couple of weeks. I get the feeling that he's trying to "save face" right now, but doesn't really see anything wrong with what he said even though he's apologized.

I'm still in line for this promotion and have started taking on projects associated with the promotion.

I'm not quite sure what exactly I think is going to happen, but I just have a really bad feeling about this. My intuition is sending up warning flags. I'm still documenting everything. I'm maintaining my professionalism and continuing to work as usual.

Should I consult/retain an attorney even though it "seems" to be taken care of? How far can I trust the company HR dept as far as them looking out for my best interest?


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Start by reading sex discrimination on FreeAdvice.com

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What concerns me is that your future is now going to be in the hands of someone who is now obviously sexually attracted to you. Now that you made a complaint, he will probably be nice to you until he gets to be your supervisor. I would be willing to bet that as soon as he is able, the warnings will start and reprimands, demotions and humilation. He is putting on a good face right now because he is in the hot seat and is afraid for his job. He will be looking out for his best interest, not yours. I have been there and my going from a star employee, to an employee with complaints and warnings in a matter of months. I would if I were you, keep everything documented so that if you get laid off suddenly, you can at least file discrimnation with EEOC. I am a woman and I really hate telling you this, but I lost a great job because of similar situations and have been blackballed from the industry now. I would from now on, whatever he said, sexual or not, just say, I really can't talk about subjects like that and walk away. If you make an issue, he will make an issue. It is a man's world. I hate discrimination and I had to sue the company, but the years of depression and mental anguish because I can't get back into the same field wasn't worth it. I agree that it is important for you to stop it if the abuse is constant, but, a few comments, stop him by your response. Good luck.


The number one advice I can give you is to go with your intuition. The next bit of advice is to at least consult with an employment law attorney. Probably all that is necessary for him or her to do for you at this point is to write a letter to your employer restating your concerns. It can also request evidence that the supervisor-to-be has or is going through certain training. Or evidence of any and all other steps the company has taken to protect you from a sexually hostile enviornment. You can find an employment law attorney near you at attorneypages.com

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