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For once it wasn't me.

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During my STUPID days which started in 1992 and ended with a convicted felony for distribution of an uncontrolled substance in
1994. I thank God each day for me getting caught because it has given me my life back. I've been on probation for 6 years now which was due to 2years of still being stupid after I was caught. Anyway, to make it short. I ended up getting married, staying off of drugs, and getting my life in order (1998). My husbands x-girlfriend got me a job at a Post dated check loan company. One year later I was accused of stealing $. I told my boss for a good month before the accusations that the girl I was training for a management position was ripping them off. Unfortunately she was cuter than I and he would not acknowledge what I was telling him. So after I was dismissed and sent on my way, my boss realized what I had been telling him. It took him a good 6-8 months to make amends with me and hired me back on.
I took over the location that the girl I was training before was managing. Once again $$ started disappearing and this time I didn't even catch on until later down the road. I was the only one running that store, therefore I occasionally had my husb.X come and cover for lunch or whatever. Now let me add this: each night before we left, the money went into a drawyer in my desk. No locks, no nothing. This was a major gripe for me to begin with especially this second time around. All of the management in the corporate office had access to all locations including mine. To be short again, On one of my days off, my boss calls me up screaming at me that my drawyer and paperwork stated that I was 800.00 short for that day. Immediately I was hot.. We agreed that I would come down to the store before closing and we would go over everything until it was found because I knew it couldn't be... Half way there, I got a 911 page from the corporate office which ended up being my husb.x. She told me "don't go down there because they're going to call the cops if you show up". Now due to my probation I know that if I had contact with the police I would violate and be shipped off to prison. No way! How I figured it out was by piecing things together. My husb. X was continuosly going to my location after hours, during the day (volunteering to give me a lunch),and the worst, she knows everything from the get go about this company since she has worked for them since before opening day. She also was the only one in corporate that knew each persons alarm codes. A mutual friend of ours told me a month or so later that my husb.x had shown up late for thier bingo night and when she arrived, she stated "sorry I'm so late, but Dena hid her money bag too good this time." Mutual friend also said that she suddenly got a very oooppps look on her face and quickly changed the subject. I have been falsly accussed of stealing over 8500.00 and have been going to court for the past 7 months over this and going to court for 7 months for violation of probation. I now have 2 children, no income, still married but not making enough to even eat on,and am losing everything I worked so hard to get. My p.d. says that I do not have enough evidence to prove I'm not guilty, but all they have for proof that I am is a bunch of missing money that was not logged on the daily trans. report. Unfortunately my husb. X suddenly quit her job which character ref. to prove, she wouldn't have done for anything in this planet. She was in love with the boss, and was paid xtra for "overtime" if you catch my drift (witnesses to this too), and was so dedicated to her job that she actually moved into the back of the corporate location and sent her daughter to live with friends. And she moved to New Mexico. She's stated outloud and to several people that (towards the end) that she went to my location after hours and on Sundays when we were closed to water the plants and she armed the alarm using my code. (I have witnesses to this too). But I cannot prove that she was there on the days the money was short and the security company seems to think that she wasn't there after hours even on days when I can prove one way or another that she was. I have been given the "hurry up and plea" from my pd as guilty with a deal worked out that I pay all that money back, plus plea guilty to class 6 felony and they will just put me back on probation. They kept my last pay which is approx. 650.00 and they deducted over 1000.00 from my pay (160.00 out of each check)for insurance that later I discovered they never signed me up for. Thank god nothing emergcy wise happend during that time when I thought since I was paying for it I had insurance (health). They also added out of pocket expenses that have been yet to be determined that I will also have to pay. What can I do? Just because of my past record (convicted felon), In my opinion, they knew that I wouldn't be able to fight this. I could if I had the money to higher a lawyer, but right now my house is going into forclosure and there's just no way we can afford to pay anybody.

? according to the labor laws the company had right to keep my last pay for 90 days, but they had to prove I was guilty within that time or give me 3x's the amount owed to me, I'm sure I'm wishfull thinking, but what if it took much longer for them to do this. Does the 90 days extend till a verdict is met or not?

Thank You for your time!!
No one now a days seems to give people that are down and out just a little bit of their time to guide them when they have questions.

Your greatly appreciated...
Dena from Colorado


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