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Forensic Documentation & Sentencing

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Washington State

I'm not sure how to link it, but a few days ago I posted about my husband attacking me and strangling me.

I was convinced on the second evening after the assault to seek medical help as I was unable to sleep because swelling was causing pressure on my collar bone and it felt like heavy pressure, causing labored breathing. I coughed up a few times and there was blood every time.

Long story short... I went to a walk in. They referred and called in advance to the ER. At the ER they called in a forensic medical specialist.

She found several bruises on my left upper arm, my pinky and ring finger knuckles on my right hand from thrashing, and several defense bruising on my wrists. She determined soft tissue damage on my neck along with bruising, and her and the physician that examined me suspect my larynx/trachea is bruised. The forensic examiner also found petechiae on my uvula and in my throat. All of it was photographed.

My husband was released on his own recognizance around 1pm the day of the assault. He had to agree to many things including anger management. The state issued an automatic 1 year pre-trail no contract order that he was served with immediately.

I've been informed he has a court date set. I'm wondering what this will determine. I have both a victim witness advocate and witness coordinator that have worked with each other for years and know each other well. The problem right now is the timing of the weekend and phone tag. It's been difficult to get straight answers.

I learned that most of this process is automatic. I'm pretty much just witnessing everything in the same way my husband is, it feels. I haven't spoken with the prosecutor and don't even know a name. Is this normal?

I was informed my husband may face a felony charge. Can anyone help me understand how this process works and what will likely happen? Is it likely he will be convicted of a felony? If not, what, and what will sentencing or convicting possibly entail?
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It's quite possible he would be convicted of a felony, even a misdemeanor domestic violence conviction is going to have pretty serious implications.
What the sequence of events depends on just what he is charged with and what strategy his attorney takes to things. The victims/witness advocates are probably your best bet when it comes to determining what is going on there.

Some areas like Seattle proper, have a dedicated DV court. If convicted he could get anywhere from probation to years of prison time. DV convictions also have a statutory bar on firearms possession and carry permits, forever. If he has children, it could severely impact custody/visitation procedures as well.
Link to your previous thread for context.
Thanks for linking this. I appreciate it.

I appreciate the response, @FlyingRon

I'm not in Seattle proper, but I am in Snohomish County.

If I read what you said properly, he will won't be able to register firearms and weapons and that basically any conviction he is faced with will have pretty severe consequences.

He and I have one child. The assault happened in the room she was sleeping in and on the bed she was in. Another member linked my initial post which has my recount of events.

If anyone could help me track down a link online that pertains to what I've said, I'd be most grateful. I've done some myself, but I'm unfamiliar with the legal terminology and am having trouble focusing.


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Pertains to what? Yes with a felony OR even a DV misdemeanor he may not have firearms (he will surrender what he has, he is prohibited from buying or possessing them, any permits he has will be canceled). As for the rest, not knowing just what he is charged with and again what his attorney intends to do for him (plead guilty, with or without a plea bargain, fight the charges, whether he is going to waive any of the prelims, etc...), we can't tell and nobody will tell you in a link. As I stated, your best bet is with the victim's advocate.

If you wish to pursue custody changes, the conviction certainly will usable against him, however, you're going to need to talk to an attorney about that. It's not just going to happen if you do nothing.
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