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found guilty of running red light - what now?

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What is the name of your state? Fl

Pleaded not guilty, because I was (I know, hard to believe!)
Found guilty of running red light by one motorocycle cop. Didn't do it and never saw him. He said he and other motorcycle cop observed incident. Only cop that pulled me over came to my trial though. He actually pulled me over because he thought I had a suspended license - which I didn't. The judge asked how he could know I had a suspended license without having seen my license yet. I said I agreed, but he still said it. Cop said he was bewildered by my statement. Judge found me guilty. I asked what to do now and he said see clerk. She wrote on hearing form I plead no contest (I was so mad I never noticed), but explained to me what to do (file motion, wait for result, then decide if want to pay $125 and file for an appeal hearing) to fight the decision. I did what she said and filed a motion (to dismiss guilty since I couldn't figure out what else to call it) and it has not been acted on 31 days later. Now they say the no contest finding means I can write a letter for a new hearing or just pay fine, but cannot appeal the decision. I never said no contest, but I also stupidly never noticed that the clerk made a mistake and I also didn't know to bring a tape recorder so there is no record of the trial (It just keeps getting better and better, huh)

Do I feel like and idiot? Of course.
Am I angry that I got a ticket for nothing? You bet!
Do I think the officer is a crooked cop? Absolutely!
Was I surprised when I read about him and other cops beating and shooting a guy disturbing the peace a few weeks ago? Not in the least!
Should I feel lucky tht he only gave me a ticket for nothing and lied about it in court? I guess.....

My husband says give up and just pay. What do you think? Thanks.


You had me up until the last few sentences, which prove you are a troll with an anti-police bias.

But far be it from me to just leave things alone, so here it goes....

1. How did the cop "find you guilty"? I assume you mean you were cited by the officer.....the Judge is the one who would find guilty or not guilty.

2. Having the second officer at the trial isn't an issue. He is only going to testify to the same event that the issuing officer observed. What's the point of having someone else simply say, "Yeah me too." That's something only those unfamiliar with the process would do.

3. It is possible that the officer thought you were someone else who he knows to have a suspended DL. That's why he thought you had a suspended license, just he thought you were someone else.....not really you.

4. It is very common for "minor" hearings to not be recorded in any way, other than the outcome.

5. If you are unhappy with the outcome, write that letter. I don't know what exactly the difference between you getting a new hearing and an appeal would be, but follow through with it.

6. The officer is now crooked because you got a ticket you feel you don't deserve. TROLL.

7. Your comments on the totally unrelated incident involving "beating and shooting a man" have no bearing on this case, and simply show your ignorance and bias. There is almost nothing I hate more (well...maybe liberal, pansy, tree-hugging liberals) than someone who will "Monday morning quarterback" an officer having no first-hand knowledge of the incident, the law, procedure, and the officer's justification for his use of force.


I apologize for my anti-cop sentiment. I'm still upset I got a ticket for something I didn't do and I don't see a clear way to prove my case. I don't know how to prove he pulled me over because he thought I was someone else.

I guess one cop who lied about one incident doesn't mean all cops are bad. It does make me a bit fearful since I don't know what to do to not be in this situation in the future. A tape recorder could work for the conversation, but the actual event of proving I didn't do something that someone else said I did.

Thanks for responding.

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