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getting 2nd driver's license

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What is the name of your state? I'm in NJ and am facing a DWI charge. Biggest concern is losing the license as I need to drive to work. Someone mentioned that its possible to get a Florida driver's license as long as you have an address you can use there.

could that be true in this post 9-11 world? might i be able to surrender a NJ license in florida and then have NJ's DMV issue me a new replacement one that could be surrendered in the court?

Just want to get to work...



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You've been misinformed. I'm in Florida, and the DMV here is tied via computer to other states' driver history. In fact, I don't know of any state in which you can hope to get a license that does not have this information sharing capability. Like the rest of us who made this terrible choice to drive after consumption, you will have to find another way to get around for awhile. You might be able to apply for a hardship, "work" license.


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Just charged for dwi at this point...

New Jersey: Thanks for your response. One further point however is that I have been charged, but not found guilty yet. thats why I'm wondering if its possible to request a dulplicate license from NJ motor vehicle dept, then go to florida and swap it for an FLA one prior to trial....

I realize that I must sound like someone who is more interested in avoiding paying the price for a crime commited. I'm willing to pay (and prefer a monetary cost) but not being able to drive to work (and my understanding is that in NJ there is no restricted license for driving to/from work) may possibly exact an immense toll on my life...

Thanks for any further comments.


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Yeah, I hear you. Losing the license has had a huge and very negative effect on all of us who did what you did. Only retired people and the rich can carry on after DUI arrest without having their lives turned completely upside down. Lots of jobs have been lost (mine included), and hiring for new jobs impossible. DUI arrest sucks.... it's supposed to. If the impact sucks enough, then we don't make that choice again. Remember the other side of the coin, how the victims and families of DUI accidents' lives are impacted. Much worse than this inconvenience or loss of employment for you and me.

I suppose you could run to Florida and act as if you've moved and apply for a license. But you may be asked under oath in court if you have a license from anywhere, and will be expected to surrender it. Also, when you were arrested, did the cops confiscate your license? If so and you claim to have moved to Florida, the FL DMV will want your NJ license before issuing you one here. It is possible too that they will see the arrest for DUI in NJ and the suspension, even if temporary. Even if you say you just lost it, they will require you to go back north and get that duplicated first, then present it here for new license.


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There is something called the interstate compact act. Which means that states can trade information freely regarding your driving record. The only states that DO NOT belong to this are Wisconsin and Michigan.

Good luck to you


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A lot of people try to, and acquire a license from another state. However, if you are stopped in New Jersey, the officer will "Cross Reference" your information through New Jersey's database. They will discover that your driving privileges are suspended and why. The penalties for driving while suspended due to DWI are enhanced and suspension extended a lengthy period. It is definitely not a good idea to attempt this as almost every cop in this state has a computer in his patrol car which is linked to NJ DMV.


Wouldn't it make more sense to just do as BigMistakeFl suggested and get an occupation or work (whatever it's called) license? It costs money but at least that way you won't get in trouble.

Edit: just noticed this thread is from September.


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You can apply for a business or work or student license in most states, but getting one is not an entitlement. You have to really show need, and in some states (such as Florida), you still have to serve a hard suspension for some period before you can even bother to apply for the hardship license. For instance in Florida, if you took the breathalyzer test and roadsides as instructed, your hard suspension is thirty days before you can apply for hardship. If you refused, it's ninety days.

Once you apply and IF you are granted the hardship license, you must stick to the terms. Lots of people drive for things other than business, work, school, church or grocery shopping. If you get stopped for anything with the hardship license, it's between you and that cop. You don't get to plea your reason for driving to a judge or jury.

garrula lingua

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In CA, when applying for a DL one of the questions (under penalty of perjury) is: have you ever been issued a Driver's License previously, in this state or any other state ?

If an applicant answers NO & it is later found that they DID have another DL previously, CA will file Felony charges of perjury.
CA DMV is very agressive in requesting prosecution. The sentencing range is 16mo- 2 years - 3 years state prison.


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KV Florida It is highley unlkely and here is why.

National Driver Registry
The National Highway Traffic Administration (part of the US Dept of
Transportation) controls the National Driver Registry (NDR).
The main function of the NDR is to track serious offenses and problem
drivers like people who are charged with DUI and the like. It is a
computerized database of information.

Commercial Driver License Information System
2. Driver License Reciprocity (DLR)- provides electronic exchange of
driver history data. (not all states participate)
3. Driver License Agreement (DLA)- only some states participate, it is
an effort to provide one driver record instead of having different
records in each state.
4. Non-Resident Violator Compact- sends info back to your home
state, includes all traffic offenses.
5. Driver License Compact- not all states participate but members
voluntarily contribute information to the NDR involving driver license
suspensions and revocations.
Driver License Compact

Jersey and Florida participate in one or mor of each.

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