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Grand Theft

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I went to Mervyns to return two bags of clothing. Contents of the bags included one pair of lady's shoes that were the wrong size (box said 8 1/2, but they were size 8). I also had two pairs of men's pants that were bought by my brother. Both were the wrongsize and he didn't like the color on one (light beige) and the other one had a bleach spot located near the cuff of the pants. My brother did not keep the receipt and so I was going to check if I could exchange them for a size 38. I tried to locate the size 38 for those pants but was not able to locate them. My brother also bought a green-stripped shirt that contained a defect near the side stomach area of the shirt. The bags also included a black outfit that was a size 16. The outfit was too big so I decided to excharge it for a size 14. I found a size 14 outfit inside Mervyns and tried it on inside the dressing room. I had receipts for the shoes and for the outfit but my brother did not keep the receipt for the pants and shirt when he bought them so I did not have receipts for those items. All of the items had tags still on them because I've had problems returning clothing items without the tags. Previous cashiers have told me to keep the tags on if I want to return the clothings. It makes them easier to return or exchange next time.

It was while I was trying on the black outfit in the dressing I bumped into a lady named Garcia a Mexican lady in her 40s who I had met the week before at Mervyns. She had talked about her struggle life, opening up a business on healing people and saving other so I was glad to see her again. I was glad because I wanted her to heal me because I was depress for a couple of months because my mom passed away two years ago. This time she mentioned that she was having problems with returning her bag of items because she did not have a driver's license. She showed me the receipt for the items in the bag proving that she had purchased them. There were around ten items on the receipt and it looked like the bad had around that many. She asked me could I help her. The clothing appeared to be several months old and so items appears no longer on display. I agreed to pick up her bag upstairs in housewares next to the towels because I had already brought in two bags into the dressing room and didn't want people wondering why I was leaving with three bags.

I found her bag upstairs but saw no sign of Ms. Garcia. I waited and looked for her around. Because I couldn't find her and there were many items in the bag and appeared too old to return I decided to return the bag to Ms. Garcia. She had told me she was going to be at the elevator but when I arrived over there she was nowhere to be found. She had mentioned taht she had parked in the same place as last time so I took the bag with me into the parking lot to tell her that I was not going to return the items and I don't think I could help her. After I had walked outside that is when the security guard stopped me and you steal those items.

The security guard took me to security room. Inside they threatened me by saying if I did not admit to taking the items they would call the police and send me jail. One of the security guards kept saying you are going to jail. If I said anything I'm going straight to jail. Because I was so frightened have never been in trouble with the law in my life, I just said anything the security guard wanted me to say because the guard told me that if I disagreed they would send me to jail. I had tried to explain that I had receipts for items in the two bags that were mine inside my wallet. There is one security guard was very mean, when he looked into my wallet and he said where is your driver license and if you don't have it you are going to jail. He said don't made me mad. He said this is our stuffs. The other one security guard she looked inside my wallet but accused me of stealing the stuff to return the mechandise. I told her that I keep receipts for comparing with bank statements. I asked the security guard could I had a copy of what you wrote. She refused to give me a copy. However, the security guard ened up calling the police after she was finished and I was lead away. I was arrested and went to jail for my first time. It was scarely and cold in here. All the Sheriff Officers were mean to the criminal eventhough I was in jail. This is my first defense at the age of 32. I have never break any law and traffic since my 19 years living in an America. I never been in Court before and don't know what to say to the judge. I haven't talk to a lawyer or a public defender yet and my Court date is on September 29, 00. I am alone in Court that day because I haven't tell anyone excepted my pastor. I don't have any relatives in California. Now, I have one count on my record and I don't know what to do. I have my whole life a head of me. My birthday is two days after my Court date and I hope there is an angel to save me. I feel trap because I don't know what the judge think of me. I don't know how many times I have to be in Court for this charge. I wonder who is going to be there. I need your help and guidance.



You need to find a lawyer. Fast!!! If you don't have a lawyer check your local Bar Association for free or pro bono attorneys. If you are in California you a large choice. There should be some sort of free legal advice in the courthouse. Have your pastor help you.

I will pray for you to receive guidance and help.


What a mess.
I just hope you are not "illegal" yourself...in America. Do as advised above, but when you go to court, you will be appointed a Public defender if you can't afford an attorney. However , there is free legal advice and representation out there...REAL advice...not a bunch of smart a...., like here. Call the local legal referrel places where you live. Also , if you paid by check....find your cancelled check as well for the items. And...next time...take the items you are returning or exchanging directly to a cashier, before you go anywhere else in the store..just for your own safety.

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