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:mad: :(
I live in a house on some rural land. I have been renting the house and the land around the house for almost 3 years. The yard is fenced and we had our own parking and driveway. We also have two dogs. It is posted that we have two dogs and also no trespassing is allowed.
We are a quiet middle-aged couple.
Our verbal agreement has worked out well until recently.
The landlord leased out the acreage to an organic farmer.
They wanted the house too but the landlord told them no.
So the farmer has started to put pressure on us to get out. Two of the three access gates to my house I cannot use, and he has complained about my elderly 10 year old dogs. He is afraid of them…so we posted a few more beware of dog signs and padlocked those two gates so the dogs won’t get out.
Now the guy has the audacity to take over my front parking area for employee parking.
It is the only access we have to get to our house that we are renting.
His employees lean up against my fence and leave garbage all over.
The farmer steals my well water and is using my electricity.
He also trespassed and cut my roses.
But he keeps say, “I’m well within my rights, why don’t you just move.”
I told him if he wanted us to move he should pay us to do so, because we are not moving.
Currently, I just want him to keep his people off the area we have been renting and using as parking for the almost last 3 years, and to stop harassing me.
What recourse do I have as our landlord feels he cannot do anything about it.


Can you get him for trespassing?

The fence isn't yours, I'm assuming, since you rent, and so there is nothing you can do about it if the farmer ruins it, that i know of... you can only let the landlord know that it isn't you. I have a neighbor ruining the flowers in my yard, and I own it. I called the police, the title company (she disputes the boundary line), and the surveyors office, to no avail. If its like that in your state too, then there isn't much choice but to put up with it, from anything I've found out, but those are the sources you can try to use.

Have you talked to the landlord about expanding the fence area to include your parking? If he'll let you, try doing that and maybe adding a dog for deterent. I don't know much about well water, but if it isn't something you are paying for or that is affecting your water pressure, it might not be worth fighting over?? As for the electricity, I'm not sure how he would steal it? If he is plugging things into your outdoor outlets, you might want to flip the switches to those outlets when you are gone or not using them (in the fuse box or electrical box). If they are stringing power from a line, call the electric company and they'll fix it, I'd guess.


Also, you might try just gritting your teeth and being friendly for awhile, if not to him, at least to his employees... when you see them leaning against the fence, take some ice water out to them and say something like, "oh, I saw you and thought you must be thirsty as well as tired; here, would you like a drink?? How about a lawn chair to sit in for a minute?" Also start asking them questions about their farming practices, with interest, maybe even go out and visit with them and offer to work with them for a few minutes. It might not work, but alot of times it will. Its easy to lean against a faceless or angry neighbor's fence, but it is harder to do that to someone who's shown an interest in you or your work.

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