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Harrassment and intimidation at work

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What is the name of your state? CO

My friend and I recently moved to CO and we are staying in an extended stay hotel until we close on a house. She started working at the front desk of the hotel just after we arrived. Things were fine until a couple of weeks ago when everyone started acting strangely and not being very nice to either of us. She works the graveyard shift and was responsible for getting items from the supply room (towels, blankets, soap...etc) and stocking the shelves behind the desk for the morning shift. Suddenly, they took the key away and told her they decided that the morning shift would do it themselves. Then, little things started happening that made her aware of tension but she couldn't figure out what it was all about. They stopped letting her send faxes or make copies (both they had been adamant she do without paying and had only used twice each) and then they started locking the manager's door. The way the desk is setup, it was protocol for her to run to the manager's office, lock the door and dial 9-1-1 should there be any problems (there were 2 attempted robberies just before she started working here). A few nights ago, she had to call her manager because 2 men (guests) came in harrassing her, asking her to go party with them and making sexual advances (we found out later that they live across the hall). When she called the manager to ask if the door could be unlocked so she could have access to a phone should they return, he said no and acted angry but she didn't know why. A few minutes later, he showed up at the front desk and demanded that she give him her keys to the door and if she needed to leave the desk then she needed to prop it open. She is expected to do security checks of the doors throught the hotel, laundry, clean, has to go to the bathroom now and then but if she had left the door propped open then anyone could have sneaked in and gained access to the money drawer or hidden behind the desk to ambush her when she returned. Many people who stay here have been here a long time and they know she has to leave the desk sometimes. She asked him why and he got in her face shaking his finger telling her that she had tried to access the internet in his office the night before and had crashed the system (she doesn't even know how to get on the internet in his office, she just reads her books in the chair in there). He was obviously drunk and she kept asking him to tell her what it was he thought she had done to warrant such a tyrade but he wouldn't tell her. He kept humiliating and berating her telling her how irresponsible she was. She called me after he left, crying hysterically. I told her to call the assistant manager at home (this is about midnight) and try to find out what the problem was. The assitant manager tried to be sympathetic without taking sides but has agreed to call a meeting. My friend is refusing to work until they do.

Now, she wants to know if she has a case for drunken intimidation (he wrote a memo threatening not to finish payroll on time because of the computer problem she caused and scared her when he kept illogically screaming), harrassment, slander (the rest of the staff has all been in on whatever the reason is he is so angry), and creating an unsafe work environment (for not providing safe access to a phone should anything happen and not allowing access to a bathroom), and for humiliation by stripping her of the very tools she needed to do her job (she couldn't even make coffee for the guest in the morning without the key!). I don't think she has much of a case but she is afraid he is going to throw us out or at the very least jack the rent up so we can't pay it and wants to know how to protect herself. I wouldn't put it passed this psycho to accuse her of stealing or soemthing. I'm sorry this was so long but I am not sure what to tell her to do and we are paid through the month and can't afford to move, can you help, please?


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There's no such thing as a cause of action for "drunken intimidation" or creating a potentially unsafe workplace such as you describe. Basically, the manager appears to be a jerk. That's not against the law.

If the Ass't Manager can resolve the situation to some degree, great. I have no idea what the manager's problem is but I suspect the best thing you and your friend can do is keep a low profile until you close on the house and then move out as quickly as possible.

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