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Havent Heard From Kids In 3 Weeks!!

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What is the name of your state? ok (divorce in TX)

i posted a thread about a week ago as (proudpapa3) someone obtained my password so i have a new name. I was needing to take my ex back to court for cs modification...But i haven't heard from my kids in 3 WEEKS!! I've tried to call them every single day and i keep calling but there mother turns her cell phone off and i also call her grandmother (who lives with/and cares for the kids) and she does the same. Tonight i called from a new number and the gma answered and told me that she was upstairs and kids were down and i would have to call back so i did and kept calling and she finally turned her phone off!! i was told to file for contemp of court but i'm not sure how to do this! I want something done ASAP but don't really know how to go about it. I have a conference call with my attorney on tuesday.......I really want to talk with my kids...I can't even go down and see them in fear that she will not let me. Please let me know how/what i can do fast! thnx for any help!

I didn't read you original post so forgive me if I ask questions you have already answered. Do you have Court Ordered phone contact? Because that is the only way you can file contempt. What are your visitation times? Keep calling and a good thing to do is go to www.deltabravo.com and get one of their phone cards, it can print up right away and use that b/c you can print up all the calls you make so you don't have to go through the phone Co. trying to get your phone records. And all I can say is document, document, document every little thing.

Good Luck


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thank you so much!!! I don't think i have a court ordered # to call...i'm guessing i would find this on the divorce decree? Well i live out of town so i get them every other weekend and on special days..like if they have a day out of school for labor day or something. I really appreciate it this makes me sick! See the thing is, is that i was ordered to pay an extordinary amount of cs in the beginning and i did,,,until my company went under..it was slowly going under and she knew that but she got my bank records from a friend of hers who worked at the bank and gave them to her atty soo...Anyway I have ALWAYS givin' her what i could...we have 3 kids together and i have NEVER given her less than $700/mo sometimes more thank $2000./mo the original was a little more. and i've always paid her $500. car payment..it's a really bad deal and i'm just tired of it...i've been trying to take her to court for cs modification because i never did when my co went under..she just agreed to the money i was sending i was always trying to get an atty but just couldn't afford one.. Thnx again...and any more advice is greatly appreciated.
Sorry it is www.deltabravo.net it is also a great resource for advice and such there is a forum for Father's and CS and pretty much everything. I would file to modify, you don't NEED a lawyer although one is helpful and ask for Court Ordered phone contact like every Sunday from 5-7 the kids have to be available to you to call if they can't be mom must call earlier or leave a make-up time for the next day. Good Luck


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:mad: :mad: My exwife called my father today and said that he was the only person in the family that she would talk to....she told me when i took my kids back to texas that she didn't have long distance and then told my dad today that her long distance would run out soon...both clearly lies!! What kind of trouble can she get into for this? I really want to at least speak to my children!?


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Also you said i don't NEED any atty but it would be good to have one...do you know how i would go about it without one? i really want to resolve the issue! thanks
Here is a calling schedule that worked for me (w/help from the deltabravo site): https://forum.freeadvice.com/showthread.php?t=172889

If you have a standard possession order for TX, phone/email contact will not be addressed. And mom is not "required" to facilitate contact other that that prescribed in the order. Unless you can reach an agreement with your ex, a trip back to court will be required to have this issue addressed.

Depending on the county in TX, you may be able to find the forms to file for a modification online. The clerk of the court may be able to send you the proper forms as well. You can do this yourself or have a paralegal complete the paperwork for a few hundred bucks. You might be able to find an att'y agree to do a simple modification (and attend the hearing) for $1000 or so.

As SMURF indicated, document your attempts at communication. You will want the judge to see that you are making REASONABLE attempts to contact the children. Between now and then, DON'T lose your temper and DON'T do things that will make you look like an idiot (calling at midnight, showing up unannounced, etc.)

I might suggest that you go see your kids. Write your ex a letter and let her know when you'll be coming (according to your times of possession in the order.) If visitation is refused, document it. If you get to see your kids, great. If not, it will demonstrate a pattern that the judge may find useful in reaching a decision.

Other forms of communication until you have a call schedule: Send the children letters, notes, books, postcards, candy, clothes, care packages -- all of these can be sent fairly inexpensively, don't require your ex to do anything, and can convey to your children that you are trying to stay in contact.

Stay positive...focus on what you CAN do. Although it's frustrating, forget about the road-blocks the ex might throw up. Good luck.

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