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horse stolen! need help ASAP!

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What is the name of your state? Texas
Someone I know stole my 3 year old gelding and 18 month old filly. The 3 yr. old is the father of the filly. The sheriff's department made him return the 3 yr. old gelding because he is registered in my name with the paint horse association(apha) and I have a bill of sale in my name for him and a mare who is the mother of the filly. I do not have registration papers on the filly because even though her dad is registered, the mother is not. Both parents must be registered with the paint horse assoc. in order for their offspring to be registered. And although I have a bill of sale for both parents, the filly was not born until 7 months after I purchased the horses so she is not listed on a bill of sale. What can I do to get her back?



Has the vet ever seen the philly? Is there a record of her birth?

You need documentation and witnesses that the philly was indeed born to you and then return to the sheriff's department.
I took her to the vet to have a coggins pulled just over a week ago and had her hoofs trimmed for the first time a few days ago. I've hauled her to barrel races with me, I have pictures of her from day one most of them taken with her and my two boys. They are very upset! I drive 15 miles one way every day to feed her and love on her! She is my geldings only offspring. Everyone knows she's mine and I am "very" attached to her. I had horses my entire life, but this was my first foal so you can only imagine how rotten she is. I just need to know who to contact that will let him know that he, under no circumstances, has the right to sell her. He shouldn't even have her at all.


Get all of your vet's records regarding the foal, and if your blacksmith will, get a signed statement from him.

Take these, along with the photos to the sheriff's department and file theft charges.

If the sheriff won't do anything then contact the county attorney. And, if they won't do anything, hire an attorney and file against the person who has the foal.

How did this person come in possession of the animal in the first place?


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Most localities require, since the spread of coggins, that all horses have an annual coggins test. You must also have a test for any horses trailered, you state you took this filly with you barrel racing. You state that the vet just did the test, on the paperwork, (I just had my horses tested last month) it states all identifying markings, the breed of the animal and the OWNERS name. This should be sufficient proof that the animal is yours. In addition you claim to have pictures and other documents. You should be allowed to have this filly included on the theft report...ie the sheriff's department "made" him return the gelding, the filly should be included in the theft report and then when it goes to court the proving of ownership shall commence. It really should not make a difference if she is registered to you or not.

And since you claim the father to the filly is your gelding, tell them you can have a dna match ran. I think I may be confused as to if the gelding was the sire, but you do own the mare, regardless...

I also suggest that you have your horses marked to prevent this in the future.

Something in your posts is missing, and as hexeliebe inquired, how did this person come into possession of the filly and the gelding?
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I bought a paint mare and stud colt. The mare foaled 7 months after I bought them and the stud colt(my gelding) was gelded within the first month. Sorry for the confusion! I did get along with the man who stole the horses at one time. For the past 6 months I have taken care of a 5 year old mare that belongs to him. He was told that at no time was he to leave with, or have anything to do with, my filly or gelding. He only came out to pick up his mare twice in the 6 month period. Other than those two times we did not see him at all. He waited until the man of the house(where my horses are boarded) was gone and only the wife was home, to go pick up all 3 horses. She assumed he only picked up his horse.


It damn will should be.

Two of my horses won the Iriquois (the nationally-known steeplechase here in Nashville) and both are worth about $50,000 each.

Think what would happen if someone tried to 'take' either Will Henry or Relola? :D


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I hope that you filed the theft report or contacted the prosecuting attorneys office for your area.

Two horses were stolen in my county last month and remain missing.

check out the following sites





Since the man had possession of your gelding at least you have a good idea who has your filly.

Best of luck!

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