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How do I collect on a judgment after a court order?

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I was recently awarded a monetary judgement in the form of monthly installments. The defendant said he would mail out what he owes each month, however, I am in the process of leaving my old address and am effectively homeless while I look for a new place. I informed the defendant of this and asked that he send it over via PayPal/CashApp/Venmo/bank transfer or something of the likes-- he essentially told me no and I haven't heard back from him. He says the only way he will send it is physically in the mail, via money order, to my old address. He said he will continue to mail his monthly portion, but without a home address, I fear it won't get to me and may even end up lost in the mail. Is there something I can do, whether it be appeal to the court or something similar, to just get it electronically transferred due to the situation at hand? Sorry if I seem ignorant on the matter; I've never had to do something like this.

(I will be couch surfing for a while and my friends do NOT want this person to have their address, as he's threatened them in the past, and once I find a new place, I'd feel uncomfortable for the same reasons.)

Any advice would be much appreciated!


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Get a PO box, or mail box at a local store that provides them and have your mail forwarded there.
I'm currently disabled and without car, and the post office is across town. I was hoping there was some way to avoid this, but if this my only option, I guess it'll have to work! Thank you


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You don't have to go to a US Post Office location - in fact, without a permanent address, you may not even be able to get a PO box. You may have more luck at a local mailbox store. UPS and FedEx stores often have these available.


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DO NOT hand your adversary the slightest excuse not to make payments....provide a reliable po box or commercial box or whatever it takes and keep it simple
Sounds like the defendant said he will only mail it to that one address. Maybe the OP will clarify.
That's what he's said, but I'm unsure how sincere he's being with his unwillingness to make this work. (I'm hoping he just said that to upset me, but I'm planning for the worst case scenario.)

If I end up paying for a PO Box and he's insistent on still mailing it to the old address, and it doesn't reach me properly, would that be my fault or would I be alright, providing I was able to prove that he was aware I no longer lived at the address and was given all of the necessary information needed to properly make payments?

I wholeheartedly believe that we'll end up back in court due to missed payments, and I just want to make sure he has all of the info he needs so he can't make excuses as to lack or payment.
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